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We're crazy, got a problem? ~Holly | | | More crazier than you'll ever know ~Aloha | | | XDDD ~Mione B. |

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✧Hermione Black✧
♡ Hollis ♡

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Hobbies: reading, painting, drawing, writing, playing sports.
Fav Book: Harry Potter of course!
Fav Colors: purple, light pink, light blue
Looks: dark brown eyes, long wavy dark brown hair, with natural highlights. Medium height.
Light saber: BLUE

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___________Hermione Black__________
Hobbies: Photography, drawing, traveling, reading, just chillin, and more!
Fav Book: Harry Potter
Fav Colors: Blue, black, purple and teal
Looks: Long wavy light brown hair, Dark brown eyes, tall and slim
Light saber: RED (Don't mess with me)

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Hobbies: reading, writing, dancing, shopping, baking, sports, and a WHOLE LOTTA MORE ;)
Fav Book: The Outsiders
Fav Colors: red, green, purple, blue, black, white
Looks: (IRL) short, wavy jet black hair, dark chocolate brown eyes, tall and slim
Light saber: GREEN


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