James Clagg


Basic information: Name: James Clagg Birthday: October 5 , Age: 10 Birthplace: Elgin, Scotland House: Gryffindor Blood status: Half-blood

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Name: James Clagg Birthday: October 5 , Age: 10 Birthplace: Elgin, Scotland House: Gryffindor Blood status: Half-blood - Dad~ Wizard Mum~ Muggle Wand: Rowan wood with a Unicorn hair core, 11 1/4" ;flexible/supple Patronus: Dog - Collie Pet: Snowy Owl - Seamus Favourite spell: Protego / Patronus charm Boggart: Dolores Umbridge - Imagining her playing bagpipes shuts her up. Dream Wizarding Job: Teacher at Hogwarts - Charms class: A maker of dreams


Short dark hair, green eyes just under 6tf tall. A Scottish thistle pin is always attached to his robes. His dad showed him his first charm when he was 9 years old - the portus charm - to change his family bagpipes into a port key to get to the Hogwarts Express. The bagpipes themselves have been obfuscated using a concealment charm to hide it away from muggles. Since that day he has been fascinated by charms; charm books and talking about them. He has an ambition to become a charms teacher. He is also a keen flyer with a desire to be a chaser when he comes of age. James has interests in playing music: Autoharp and bagpipe. Seamus, his snowy owl is a pecker so keep your distance!

In free-time James roams the mountains of Scotland and finds interesting mythical creatures whom he brings food from his house and cares for them out in the wilds of the highlands - He found clabberts and horklumps and watches the kelpies in nearby loch. Red caps, although rare to spot, roam free also in the rugged highlands but James was taught not to go near them until he starts at Hogwarts and learns a thing or two about them. His dad attended Hogwarts and was placed in gryffindor. He now works at the ministry of magic department for transport in the apparition test centre and plans to teach him how to apparate when he turns 17.

Favourite things about the wizarding world:
Fire whiskey. Berty botts every flavour beans. Mad-eye moody the auror. Hogwarts Express.
Hogwarts letter ariving by owl. Transfiguration & Charms. Florean Fortescue. Quidditch world cup



Difindo, Lumos, Wingardium leviosa, Flipendo, Alohamora, Augamenti, Protego, Portus, Cistem aperio, Impervius, Stupefy Duo

Spells still to master
Expecto patronum, Incarcerous, Riddikulus, Rictusempra, Immobulus, Accio, Reducto, Expeliarmos



Year 1 -

Astronomy [tbc] .
Transfiguration [tbc]
Defence against the dark arts [77% - A] .
Charms [77% - A] .
Potions [tbc] .
History of Magic [tbc] .
Herbology [tbc] .

Year 2 -



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