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Rp rules:

respect my boundaries and I'll respect yours

my triggers: Suicide, self-harm with suicidal intent, eating disorders

please don't use the **'s, they drive me crazy

please reply with at least one paragraph responses, if you need me to give you more to write about then let me know

lmk know if you don't want to continue the rp we are doing, I won't judge.

fandoms I'm in : harry potter, hunger games, umbrella academy (seasons 1 and 2), heart stopper, stranger things, ancient greek mythology, she-ra, heathers, and more (just ask!)


name: Anastasia Delvey (Ana)

Age: 18-24

Job: college student (majoring in teaching with a minor in criminal justice), assistant teacher (for fourth graders)

other info: She/her pronouns, bisexual (curious mostly)

likes: iced coffee, children, thrift stores

dislikes: sunburns, alcohol, the dark

random fact: Ana is left-handed

fatal flaw: Anastasia is too trusting, and is willing to give people too many chances

Name: Cassiopeia Brown (Cassie/ Cass)

age: 16-24

job: 16-17: none, 18-24: College student (double majoring in behavioral phycology and media and journalism), restaurant server

other info: she/her pronouns, omnisexual (leaning men)

likes: physical affection, vanilla ice cream, Pinterest boards

dislikes: loud noises, smokers, bees (she's allergic)

Random fact: Cassie was adopted when she was one-and-a-half

Fatal flaw: Cass's need for perfection often stops her from doing the thing entirely

name: Skylar bates (sky)

age: 21-26

job: college student (majoring in astronomy and astrophysics), barista

other stuff: she/her pronouns, pansexual

likes: math, space, Shirly temples

dislikes: painting, 

random fact: Sky is allergic to peanuts

Fatal flaw: Skylar's fear of abandonment leads her to push people away before they can get close.



Oc: Delilah Clarke (Lila)


Job: Assasin/ enforcer for the black spades (a mafia), bartender

Other info: she/her pronouns, Bisexual (male leaning)

Likes: jewelry, black coffee, thunderstorms

Dislikes: spiders, rich men, white noise

Random Fact: Delilah has terrible allergies and takes meds for them

Fatal flaw: Lila’s distrust of others makes it hard to know if she’s on your side or against you



Oc: Charlotte Stoll (Charlie)

Age: 18–19

Job: Collage student (majoring in fine arts), 

Other info: she/her pronouns, pansexual

Likes: drawing, baking, tortoises

Dislikes: rattlesnakes, mud, polyester

Random fact: Charlie has four older brothers who are protective AF

Fatal flaw: Her compulsive decisions often lead her to trouble



Oc: Carmin Bradley (Mina)


Job: college student (business major), waitress

Other stuff: She/her pronouns, omnisexual

Likes: snakes, boba, daisies

Dislikes: chewing gum, thunder, saltwater

Random fact: Carmin’s eyes change from green to brown in the sunlight

Fatal flaw: Mina’s caring nature makes it easy to take advantage of her.


NSFW info:

I don't do a lot of graphic rps, but if I'm down for it, all my characters are subs/bottoms, and they have more specific NSFW traits if you ask...

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