Lily Abergreen

Fourth year Student

you can find me sneaking in the ravenclaw tower to stargaze

  • Joined September 2020
  • Member of Gryffindor
  • 435 House Points
  • 1st Year
  • United Kingdom


*House: The best one (roarr)

*Year: 4th

*Patronus: fox

*Wand: English oak wood, phoenix feather core, 13 3/4 inches, slightly springy flexibility

*Fav. Subject: DADA

*Parents: Heather Black and Marcus Abergreen

*Quidditch team: Appleby Arrows

*Friends: Rose Weasley, Scorpius Malfoy, Albus Potter

*Pet: Halley, a great horned owl

*nicknames: Lils (friends) Feathers (The Heirs)

Life at Hogwarts:
(This is a story, nothing about rp)

In my first year I was very disappointed with my house because all my ancestors have been Slytherins and I’m the first one in the family who has been sorted in Gryffindor.
My mother is Heather Abergreen (neé Black) daughter of Regulus Black (you should know that he was Sirius’s Black brother)

My best friend is Rose Weasley, who is in the same year as me and in my same house (Yeah! Lions pride!)
I am an old dated Scorpius Malfoy’s friend cause our families are related and I get well with his best friend, Albus Potter, who is Rose’s cousin too.

We are a group of four kids all in the same year: two Gryffindor girls and two Slytherin boys (What a weird mix!)

Since the first year we manage to sneak into each other common room to do homework together (we don’t really like the library with all those Ravenclaws)
During the first two years we used Albus’s invisible cloak to enter in the Slytherin’s common room without being noticed by all those snake fellows, but last year we found out how to change the uniform colour using a charm and now the four of us can enter into both common rooms without any problem. (Obviously all the Slytherin and Gryffindor fellows have noticed that but since I have Black blood and Albus has two siblings in Gryffindor they don’t really care)

In the second year Albus brought to school a very special Hogwarts map that shows every person in the castle and what they’re doing at any time. It’s called The Marauders map and it was created by Albus’s grandad and his three friends.

Me and my friends found out that each of us is some way related to one of the Marauders.
- I am related to Padfoot cause he was my grandad’s brother.
- Albus is related to Prongs cause he was his grandad.
- Scorpius is related to Moony cause he was his father’s cousin’s husband (Lupin married Tonks and she is Draco’s cousin)
- Finally Rose is related to Wormtail because he was his father’s rat.

At the moment the four of us are working on becoming illegal animagus like our ancestors (I won’t tell you which animal is each of us because you could tell the Ministry) and are uploading the Marauders map to continue their great work. We’re called The Heirs.
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