Deanna Willows


Hello, I'm Deanna and I'm a Ravenclaw! I love meeting new people and making friends. Feel free to chat with me if you'd like!

  • Joined September 2020
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  • 1st Year
  • France


Name: Deanna Willows

House: Ravenclaw

Year: 1

Blood status: Pureblood

Wand: 10 inches, Hazel, Unicorn Hair, Unyielding

Appearance: 5'1, tan freckled skin, long brunette hair with bangs, big and soft green eyes

Personality: Good listener and very empathetic, perceptive, not afraid to speak my mind, fast learner, good with people, a little stubborn

Pets: Half-Kneazle, Half-Siamese Cat named Faelan

Patronus: Lioness

Dream job: Arithmancer

Favorite Class: Herbology

Boggart: Losing my Metamorphmagus ablities

Hobbies: Going for walks around the castle, practicing spells, playing wizard chess

≫ ──── ≪•◦ o0o ◦•≫ ──── ≪

I come from a pureblood family of Slytherins, so when I was sorted into Ravenclaw, the pressure was on me to be top of my year. I have a complicated relationship with my parents, especially my mother as we are both Metamorphmagi. She often flaunts this around others, which I do not use unless necessary. My best class is History of Magic and Astronomy, but you really don’t want to know how long I spend writing and rewriting those essays! I like CoMC, Potions and Herbology because of all the hands on work. Or as I call it “hands-off-the-quill-work.” When I’m not studying you can probably find me playing wizard chess in the Great Hall. One day, I hope to become a Auror or perhaps even a Arithmancer, like my father.
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