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if you are going to start an rp with me then stop after a day please dont rp with me I will understand if you have stuff going on just say that done just leave

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The sorting hat put me into Gryffindor because I am brave, smart, funny, caring, and my mother was in Gryffindor. It took a while for the sorting hat to put me into a house because my mother was a Gryffindor and my father was a Slytherin. My favorite class was potions and the class I like least would be gardening. I did well in defense against the dark arts and potions. I am a pureblood. people wear always scared of me because of who my father is and because of the pure bloods being mean so i didn't have any friends. I was not born when who must not be named worse to power. My greatest strengths are making potions and my weakest strength is transformation. After I finish school I plain on making potions to help others who need it and to become a teacher. What I like about magic is that you can use it to protect yourself. Yes, I want to use my magic to help other in case he must not be named returns. My pet is a rabbit named Oreo and she is very nice and calm but likes to explore. My father is Sirius Black and my mother is Nymphadora Tonks but I don't see much of her.

Long lost sister-Royal Black 

Sister - Layla Malfoy Black 

Relationship- taken- Alex Malfoy 

Sister- Grace Malfoy 

A few months ago everthing had fallen apart Evil had conquered the country. Or so it seemed. Little blossoms of rebellion and hope were sprouting up everywhere. The Government tried to stomp them out but they kept popping up like weeds in an unruly garden. One of these 'unkillible weeds' was 'known as the freedom fighters', a ragtag group of teens and young adults. Lilly blackwood was one of them. she was the head of the spy department of this rather well-built, government like, group. she has purplish red hair, blue eyes, wear shadow armed with golden blade given to her fiancée before the war. Lilly had the power to heal others but some times she HATED her power; because it wouldn't always heal people .Lilly was out trying to save the homeless kids that lost their parents do to the war and that's when she saw a male guard.

A Black Long haired girl with blue eyes sat alone at the Slytherin table .She didn't like being around other people much. Her name is Logan Potter. She is the sister of Harry potter who was put in Gryffindor and doesn't even know that he has a sister. Logan got sent to live with Remise. She loved to draw and liked to play quidditch. She was caption of the quidditch team .

A girl with Long brown hair and blue eyes sat alone at the Gryffindor table .She didn't like being around other people much. Her name is Logan Diggory. She is the sister of Cedric Diggory who was put in Hufflepuff. She loved to draw and liked to play quidditch. She came to Hogwarts a year before her brother died. Every since then she had been shut off from everybody including her boyfriend Draco who was now a death eater.

A girl with Purplish -red hair and ice blue eyes sat alone at the Slytherin table. Lilly didn't like to be around people much. Her name is Lilly Black. She is in her 6th year at Hogwarts. Lilly is also the god sister of Harry Potter  who was put in Gryffindor and she is also the daughter of Sirius Black. Lilly got sent to live with Remus after her father was sent to Askaban for helping the dark lord kill lilly and James potter. But only a few people know the truth and that is that Sirius didn't do it and Lilly was one of them. Lilly knew her father could never kill his best friend the god father to his daughter . Lilly loved to draw and red. Lilly also was the Slytherin guidditch caption. Lilly was able to turn into a wolf and her fur was white as snow. Lilly didn;t have many friend or people she would call her family so she mostly keep to herself. Her Aunts Bellatrix and Narcissa tried to adopt her and bring her to the death eaters along with her cousin Draco

Selena was a senior in high school and was in love with the Caption of the Basketball team. Selena was the student counsel president. Selena and the caption of the basketball team had been friends for years but hadn't talked in years after he became popular. She had Purplish- red hair and ice blue eyes. She was smart and funny. She was making her way to her truck when she passed him .

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