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Name: Jade Scarlett Stone

(Not actually me, just my face claim)

House: Slytherin

Age: 13-16 (depends on roleplay)

Sexuality: Bisexual (Guy Preference)

Nationality:American with a bit of French-Canadian and Norweigan.

Relationship status: Pointless, never gonna happen, love is worthless. Everything that gets close to me..gets hurt. I am done. God...I still love Braxton...but he is gone now....so.....idk what to think anymore. I will probably never stop loving him..even if he stops loving me in death......


Theme songs for Braxton and I~

Say you won't let go- James Arthur
Welcome to Wonderland- Anson Seabra

Blood status: Pure-blood (but pretends to be muggleborn most of her life because she is in danger)

Amortentia: Wood from a broomstick, spearmint and orange (blend), old books, green apples, lavender, dark chocolate.

Wand: Holly with Phoenix feather core, 10 3/4",  unbending flexibility.

Likes: Reading, Books! Writing, Theatre, Carrot, Being in Nature, Making digital Edits, Roleplaying, drawing, did I already say reading? Lol.

Dislikes: Book haters, being around too many people, bullies, Transphobics, Homophobics, rude people, short roleplay replies.


~Book Ninja 《Carrot》(I miss you Brax..and I will always..love you. After all this time, Always.)

~Sista from anotha Mista《Skye》

~Scar 《Close friends》

~Jay 《Vyla》

~JJ 《Anyone》

~Potato 《M♡》

~ Jadie 《Random theatre kid, Anyone.》

~Pebble Da Potato 《Angel Stone; my sister; Da Bisexual Donut Queen》

~Gem 《Asher》

~Toga 《Alex, Anyone》

~Deku 《Alex, Anyone》

~KitKat 《Ella》

~Jadearoo 《Sage》

~Jade-chan 《Robyn Saints》


~Punky 《Mom, Angel, close friends》

~JadeyBug 《Agnetha》

~Stubby 《Gracelyn Gallagher》

~Tigress 《Mayo》


My friends and Family!..

Cookie (Aka My Sibling) & I

They say-

You are a freaking (but the actual f word :>) amazing child and I love you and you deserve all the happiness in the world and if anyone were to ever try and rob you of that, I will hunt them down, and smack them with my frying pan. Plus, you are my sister!

Stay Coolz And Safe Cookies?

Lor & I

She said-

You are amazing and sweet and kind!

Vyla & I


She said- 

You're one of the most wonderful people that I've ever met. 

Nerdy Shakespearean Girl (Aka Lucy & Amelia) & I

She said-

Just a couple of nerds who TaLkLiKeThIs. XD

Agnetha & I

She says-

You are amazing and I love you so much.

Sage & I

They said- 

Thank you for being my first friend on here. [:

Mayo & I

She said-

I want to say that you are fucking amazing.

Belle & I

She said-

Even though we aren't that close, I will always be there for you no matter what.

Demi & I

She said-

You’re a wonderful friend and you have gone through so much heartbreak that you don’t deserve.

Dawn & I

She said-


Emmalee & I

She said-

Don't let the haters get you down. They just don't know what to do with their pain besides take it out on other people.



Personality: Kind when she lets you get to know her. Has a very sharp tongue and can be cold at times, She is very curious and loves being outdoors and having her alone time. She cherishes that.

Family Life: She never told anyone, but she watched her parents die right in front of her. She pretends to be muggle born because of this and she is actually a pureblood to very rich and famous parents.

Back Story: She is top of all of her classes and basically spends most of her time in the library or playing seeker for the Slytherin Quidditch team. She hides her past because her mother told her to right before she died, saying that Jade was in danger. 


.·:*¨༺Faith ༻¨*:·.


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"Broken but not destroyed. beaten but brave. Dear girl, Don't give up the fight." ~Cheryl Hale

"I tried to be normal once. Worst two minutes of my life." ~Unknown

"Because I'm the type of girl who fantasizes about being trapped in a library overnight." ~ Rainbow Rowell

"An apple a day keeps anyone away, if you throw it hard enough." ~Unknown

"Who lives, who dies, who tells your story?" ~Hamilton Musical

"And when my time is up, have I done enough? Will they tell my story." ~Eliza Hamilton

"I'd rather pretend I'm something better than these broken parts. Pretend I'm something better than this mess that I am." ~Evan Hansen

"We're all born crazy. Some of us remain that way." ~Unknown

"Having those weird conversations with your friends and thinking if anyone heard us, we would be sent to a mental hospital." ~Unknown

"I have two different feet...why not wear two different shoes?" ~Punky Brewster

"I'm a slayer, Ask me how?" ~Buffy Summers


Link for Edit Request Form- https://forms.gle/4BoJwrUUK8JVBtDV9

Link for my website- https://jadeseditworld.weebly.com/

Link to Oc Website {Still under construction}- https://wp.me/PcRqDY-5

My Discord- BookNinja#2669

Where to order other aesthetics and edits from!-

•Lovely Idiots•  https://www.hogwartsishere.com/1227821/

Cinna https://www.hogwartsishere.com/635122/

(That is all I have for now. If you want me to promote your edit business let me know!)

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Dear Evan Hansen


and many more....


~Starters~ (can be any oc from my Oc's I can alter almost all of them)

Starter #1:

Anne was sitting under a tree by the lake writing something in her notebook not noticing anything around her because she didn't look up and was still writing but whenever she noticed someone walk close she moved her notebook so they can't see what she is writing as she hums softly.

Starter #2:

Tris is sitting in the library studying but not really she is mostly sitting there staring into space twirling her wand between her fingers, she was studying because her parents want her to have good grades even though she doesn't really need to study to have good grades but she does it anyway just to keep up her good image.

Starter #3: (divergent )

Emma sighed as she moved her hair out of her green eyes waiting, she had just finished her Aptitude test the day before and was waiting to go into the hub, she was sweating and very nervous, today was the day she chose her faction that she will stick with for life unless something happens and she fails causing her to have to leave and live on the streets.

she adjusted her blue skirt and waited nervously looking around at all the others. she didn't know if she wanted to stick with her family or leave them, her parents were Erudite, she let her eyes wander around before she made contact with someone.

Starter #4

Anne kicked the wall as she looked at her packed bags and her now mostly empty room other than the books because they were not allowing her to take them with. She was being forced to go to a finishing school for girls to become young ladies, so they can commit their "soul purpose " in the world to get married and take care of the house, but that was the exact opposite of what Anne had in mind for her soul purpose in the world, she looked around her room one last time the thought of running away ran through her mind again, but she knew it was useless she was stuck, so she stepped out of her empty room sighing and walked outside before running into someone else.

Starter #5

Anne looked at the person tears threatening to spill in her eyes, She said her final words and tried to leave, there’s no turning back now. She turned around to walk away but the person grabbed her arm preventing her from walking away. She didn't dare look them in the eyes, she had made her choice and she couldn't change it now.

Starter #6

Anne had just come back from a long hard day volunteering at the animal shelter, she sighed as she walked towards her house and turned onto her sidewalk, the door she had locked, is wide open. her eyes widened and she ran into the house it was trashed tables and chairs were turned papers were thrown everywhere and all the drawers were pulled out and thrown across the room she ran towards her room and started quickly searching through the huge mess and she gasped falling to the ground. It was gone.

Starter #7

Jade Hamilton sighed no matter how hard she tried to forget him, but she never could. She glanced around her empty room and all the boxes in the corner. She hoped that moving far away would help her move on from him, she couldn't live her whole life sitting in the corner thinking about someone she would never see again....or so she thought.

Starter #8

Sarah Lien stepped onto the airplane, it was not her first time flying so she was used to all of this. She was escorted to her seat, she sat down sighing and putting her trunk in the upper compartment and sitting down again and looking out the window taking in the scenery, well not really scenery but she didn't mind, she sighed and moved her head away as the plane took off when she felt something papery tapped to the bottom of her seat. She took it and opened it and her eyes widened as she read it, that is when someone sat next to her.

Starter #9

She felt like she had been running for ages her lungs were burning as she gasped for air, but she couldn't stop now, so she continued to run through the trees her shoes smacking against the damp soil of the forest. She would pass out soon if she didn't stop, she thought about her choices as she ran turning around a tree thinking she was safe and that is when she feels icy fingers covering her mouth and preventing her from moving as the cold voice whispered in her ear "don't scream my beautiful no one can hear you out her" their warm breath tickles her neck as they continue to hold her.

Starter #10

Anne always took refuge in the Astronomy Tower because no one ever went up there and it was quiet, tonight she was in there writing in her Journal in the moonlight, she didn't like being around people and usually stayed in dark or empty places because of the big scar that covered her face from a werewolf when she was in Animagus form and her other scar on her right forearm that had the word Mudblood roughly cut into her arm, that one she could hide though if she was wearing long sleeves. The paper in her Journal rustled slightly as she turned the page.

Starter #11

Sarah sighs as she stumbles and the screaming of her stepmother echos behind her as she finds her footing, the words echo through her head. "YOU ARE NOTHING BUT A FREAK JUST LIKE YOUR BLOODY MOTHER, NOW GET OUT AND NEVER SET FOOT IN THIS CASTLE AGAIN!!" those were her stepmother words when she had found out about her.. 'abilities'... Sarah sighed tripping over her dress as she ran as far away from the castle as she could. All her life she hadn't known...about her mother's abilities and how they had gotten passed onto her, she had always thought she was just another normal girl, but she wasn't.

Sarah ran into the woods and didn't look back, she couldn't it isn't like she could even go back so what was the point in looking. She tripped over her dress again and stood up angry before ripping it so it went down to about her knees so it was a bit easier to run.

Starter #12

Sarah Lien sighed as she looked at her watch, she saw the time and sighed she and tried to look over the small crowd, her short height prevented her from seeing much. She had long dirty blonde hair and deep blue eyes and freckles across the bridge of her nose. She had been at Hogwarts since she was 11, She had been a very hard choice for the sorting hat to sort because she had all the house qualities of every single house, but the hat had decided on Slytherin after a few minutes. She was top of her year and rarely had any friends because either she was studying and reading all day or she pushed them away because she could be a bit snappy and cold at times.

Starter #13

(I altered my Divergent Oc Jack Johnson for the Harry Potter Fandom..)

Jack was sitting in a corner of the library surrounded by several books and pieces of parchment. He had been either doing assignments or studying all day to get all the work done for the classes he was taking. He moved his the small strand of Dark brown hair out of his hazel eyes and pushed his glasses up on his nose before scratching something else down on the paper, he continued to do this until a shadow passed over his paper.

Starter #14

Sarah hugged her parents extra tightly goodbye before hopping onto the train with her trunk and owl Faith in her Cage and a book in her free hand. She sighed as she walked past compartments looking for somewhere to sit, most of them were full by now so she had to walk towards the back to try and find a compartment, the long dirty blonde that was trailing down her back was flowing behind her from her quick-paced walk. She saw a mostly empty compartment but it had been taken by her bully and she didn't dare sit there so she continued walking her expression not smiling anymore as she passed more and more compartments that were full she was scared she might have to sit with her bully. that is when she passed a compartment only occupied by one person but she was too deep in thought about having to sit with her bully that she hated.

Starter #15

Sarah brushes through her hair as she thinks, ‘Today is going to be better. Today I’m not going to cry. I’m going to smile brightly. And pretend to be excited about attending a new school, in a new town.’ she sighs and shakes her head because she knew that was definitely not going to happen because the truth is she was broken inside. The only reason she was going to this stupid prep school was for the sake of her parents. She was going to go to this school and put on the best show of her life, ever since her brother Ethan died 5 months ago They’ve been distant, Sarah’s parents and her were never that close before but they didn’t ignore each other as much as they do now. Ethan was her brother and he was what held the family together and without him the family was falling apart completely. Her parents thought it was best to move and get a ‘new start’, the truth was her parents had money...a lot of money but she tried not to use it. She didn’t want to be looked at as one of those snobby rich girls, she had once tried to get a job to do the whole 'do stuff for herself' thing but her parents didn’t like that one bit.They didn’t want her to ruin their ‘perfect’ image. Ethan was perfect and they loved him, but Sarah was the complete opposite. She was quiet, shy and had only had one friend back home; she didn’t play sports and always had her nose in a book. She decided to keep her hair down, she grabbed her bookbag and walked out the door towards a black ford mustang, the only thing she had left of Ethan. He was a racer, the best actually he knew everything about cars and even taught Sarah how to race but she had never actually been in a real race. She starts the car and takes off towards the school for her first day of Junior year...without Ethan. When she gets there people are standing by the front doors looking out at the parking lot almost like they were waiting for something. She sees an open parking spot upfront and wonders why no one had taken it. She shrugs because there were no other up close parking spots so she takes it. She parks the car and gets out, looking up. Literally everyone was staring at her. When she said everyone she meant EVERYONE. Okay more like gaping at her, she stood there confused for a bit and then took a deep breath. She was going to ignore them, she starts hearing murmurs and then a girl says “you can’t park there.” her voice is hushed when she speaks. Sarah looks at her and shrugs, “why not?” The girl ushers her to move her car but she doesn’t listen as the girl said there were rules here. The girl said something about moving her car before ‘he’ gets here. Sarah looked at the girl confused for a bit before glancing at her car debating if she should move it or not, but it was too late. A car that looked really expensive drove up and stopped right behind her car, the guy parked his car and got out slamming the door angrily and looking around before speaking, “Who’s car is this?!” his voice is hard and loud and she can’t stop herself from thinking he is super attractive but he looked like a snobby guy so she quickly shook the thought from her head and stepped up to him, setting her shoulders back and standing to look up at him, literally. He was way taller than her because she had always been short and was only like 5ft nothing when he was 6ft or more. “That would be me.” she said plainly stepping up to him with as much confidence as she could muster. He looked pissed as she noticed he wasn’t wearing the normal school clothes that they were supposed to wear which consisted of a white shirt and a navy blue tie with a matching skirt and a gray blazer.


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