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Name: Jack Topley
Age: 14 - 23 for RPs (Age: 17 IRL)
Nicknames: None
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Status: Single


Height: 6ft 2in
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Brown on the outside, green near the pupil
Face shape: Chiseled jaw


Personality: Fights for what he believes in, strong and persuasive. Rarely loses a fight, whether its physical or through conversation, such as a debate. Looks after and defends the people he loves. He is funny, happy and kind. He often only trusts people he has known for a long time, but sometimes he makes exceptions; he may have a soft spot for someone.


Backstory: Jack was born into a family of hardworking, wealthy people. At the age of 4, he started to learn how to read, using the books in the family library to help him. By the age of 7, he had read most books, so he turned to his love of the arts (art, music and drama). He was given a tutor for 2 years, and when he had reached top level in them all, he decided he wanted a new challenge. But one night in November, he displayed a power he never knew he had: He could generate fire from any part of his body.
His mother and father took him to the only place they knew he would be safe. Professor X's school for mutants. There were already people there, training. Jack started right away. During his training years, he has developed more mutant powers, such as being able to walk on water, and turn himself into water or fire at will, as well as being able to control the weather and nature. He was known as Element. He has been training since then, and hopes his powers will come into use one day.

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