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Welcome to Care of Magical Creatures!

Welcome to Care of Magical Creatures! This is the first year of the course. Below you can find links to an optional textbook, additional pages you may find of interest, and details about when and why the course was last updated. 

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The Care of Magical Creatures Companion Guide

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Many artistic depictions of creatures used in this course were created by the DeviantArt user maryquiZe. We recommend checking out her work!

Course Last Updated: July 2020 for Image and Formatting Updates

Announcements Last Updated: February 2020

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Welcome to Our World Welcome everyone to Care of Magical Creatures! I, Professor Elizabeth Anne, will be one of your professors for the duration of this class. Your second professor will be Professor Aurelia Cattercorn, who will be assisting more with lessons starting in your Fourth Year. While th…

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The Boring Beasts Hello everyone! I hope you have all had a fun week back to the castle. I know that I have been wandering around, finding all of my old reading spots around the castle. It feels like just yesterday that I was a student here, but I am glad to be back at Hogwarts in this capacity. P…

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Stand Tall, Redwood Good day everyone! I hope everyone enjoyed last week’s lesson. It was your first time learning about creatures, and I hope everyone enjoyed it! Today, we will be covering some rather amusing creatures. They are quite well-known in the wizarding world, and were widely publ…

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The Island of Netherland Good afternoon everyone! You have learned about three creatures so far in your short time in Care of Magical Creatures: Flobberworms, Horklumps, and Bowtruckles. You also have learned about the Ministry of Magic, and the different classification systems used in the Departm…

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Our Garden Potatoes Welcome everyone! You are now halfway through your first year of Care of Magical Creatures. Up to date, we have learned about the Ministry of Magic, Flobberworms and Horklumps, Bowtruckles, and fairies. Do remember, you have a midterm today, which will consist of twenty-five mu…

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Break Their Grip Good day, everyone! I hope everyone is happy with how they did on the midterm. Professor Cattercorn and I were very impressed with how well you all did. You give us hope that another great generation of magizoologists is rising up! Today, it is back to the grind: a new lesson and …

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Those Pesky Kids! Good day everyone! Today we are going to look at two creatures, both classified as XX by the Ministry of Magic: imps and Jobberknolls. I paired these creatures together because they both have very distinct characteristics not seen in creatures we have previously studied. As a rem…

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Kleurvolle Voël Welcome students! Today is the last time we will learn about creatures this year. I hope you have enjoyed all of the species we have studied this year, and that this one rounds out the year nicely. This final creature is one I hold near and dear to my heart. I own one, which w…

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Time For Your First Final! Congratulations, everyone! This is your last lesson of your first year in Care of Magical Creatures. I hope you have had an excellent time in this class and that you choose to take it again during your next years of schooling. There will be many changes in Year Three reg…

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Care of Magical Creatures is the course for any beast lover. During your first year in the course, we will discuss the Ministry of Magic, the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures, and of course, the creatures of our magical world.