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Welcome to Care of Magical Creatures!

Welcome to Care of Magical Creatures! This is the second year of the course. You can find the first year of the course here. Below you can find links to an optional textbook, additional pages you may find of interest, and details about when and why the course was last updated. 

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Past Creature Design Contests

Many artistic depictions of creatures used in this course were created by the DeviantArt user maryquiZe. We recommend checking out her work!

Course Last Updated: July 2020 for Image and Formatting Updates

Announcements Last Updated: February 2020

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Ashes, Ashes, We All Fall Down Welcome back to Care of Magical Creatures! I hope your break was relaxing and carefree, and that you didn’t have too many assignments to complete. I spent my summer expanding my Fwooper business, and now specialize in lime green and yellow Fwoopers, though my d…

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I Want a Medial Temporal Lobe for Christmas Welcome everyone! I hope your first week back hasn’t thrown too many assignments your way, and that you had an enjoyable break. Hopefully it was enough time to catch up on any assignments you needed to do! During the last lesson, you learned abou…

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"Peskipiksi Pesternomi!" called Cormac Good day, everyone! Today we will be learning about Doxies and pixies. Now last year, we learned about fairies. I request that you do not make any parallels between fairies and Doxies and pixies, until reading the lesson entirely. They are different creatures…

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X Marks The Spot Welcome welcome! I hope everyone enjoyed making the propaganda poster during the last lesson. Now, before we go on any further, please head back to your dorms, and take off any shiny material or items. Today, we will be studying Nifflers! Nifflers: The Treasure Hunters Now, is e…

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The Amazing Hissing Guard Creatures Welcome, everyone! Today we will be covering two creatures that closely resemble Muggle creatures: Jarveys and Kneazles. Jarveys resemble Muggle ferrets, and Kneazles resemble Muggle cats. As we see both of these magical and mundane creatures fairly often in our…

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The Magical Coins of Clauricorns Welcome back to class! I hope that your midterms were forgiving, and that you have enjoyed this year so far. Today we will be covering a human-like creature, and while you may think it should be a being, it is actually classified as a beast. Ladies and gentlemen, w…

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Where The Demons Hide Welcome back to Care of Magical Creatures! We are on the downhill slide now, with only two more lessons after today! Today we will be covering two creatures known for their negative behavior towards humans. While one is more violent than the other, both are seen as threats in…

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Shrinking Sacks and Ankle Biters My, my! Today is the last official lesson of Year Three, as next week is just a review lesson before your final. Today we will be covering three creatures! These creatures are often overlooked in the wizarding world, however, they provide us with some things that h…

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Write Your Name in the Blank Space Well! We are at the end of another term. Amazing, really, how time flies. Now, we have covered thirteen XXX creatures this year. I understand that is quite a bit, so today we will be reviewing these creatures, in a similar format to how we reviewed material last …

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In your second year of Care of Magical Creatures, we will explore and discover thirteen different creatures. These creatures range from pests to mythological creatures. A wide variety of creatures will be studied, from wizarding pets to demons. Different aspects of the creatures, like genetics and disease information will also be covered.
Course Prerequisites:
  • COMC-201