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Welcome to Care of Magical Creatures!

Welcome to Care of Magical Creatures! This is the fourth year of the course. You can find the first year of the course here. Below you can find links to an optional textbook, additional pages you may find of interest, and details about when and why the course was last updated. 

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The Care of Magical Creatures Companion Guide

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Past Creature Design Contests

Many artistic depictions of creatures used in this course were created by the DeviantArt user maryquiZe. We recommend checking out her work!

Course Last Updated: July 2020 for Image and Formatting Updates

Announcements Last Updated: December 2020

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Why So Glum, Fifth Years? Welcome back to Care of Magical Creatures! I am so proud to see how far you have all come. I’ve been with you all for two full terms now, and it is truly exciting to see how you have grown into Fifth Years! I hope you all enjoyed your break! I know I did, but now it…

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By Proclamation of The Ministry Welcome back to Care of Magical Creatures! I hope your first week back has not been too hard on you, and that professors are slowly adding on to the assignment load. Like last term, the year-long project will be introduced this lesson. While Year Three’s Creat…

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The Deadly Sea Cucumber Welcome students to another lesson! It is just myself today, though Professor Cattercorn is hard at work with the lesson for next week. We will investigate a water demon I know you have covered in Defense Against the Dark Arts already: the Kappa. Though you will never truly…

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Bows of Gold Welcome to the fourth lesson of the year! Today, Professor Cattercorn and I will discuss two interesting creatures: Plimpies and Golden Snidgets. As a friendly reminder, your midterms are coming up next week, so make sure to take the time to study the creatures and content that has be…

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Do The Hippogriff Running a few minutes late, Professor Cattercorn briskly bounded through the door of the classroom. The class stared at her, amused, as she carelessly tossed her satchel on her desk, messing up the once neat stack of papers to be graded. She then spun around and tucked her hair b…

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Under the Sea Hello everyone and welcome back! I’m pleased to report that the marks on the midterms were mostly very positive. Professor Anne and I are both, as usual, very proud! It is now time to get back into the swing of things. We aren’t slowing down, as we will be discussing two …

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The Invisible Tamatoa Welcome back to class everyone! Can you believe we are already on the seventh lesson? Year Five is nearing completion, but there is still much Professor Anne and I need to teach you. Today we will both be teaching you about two magical creatures. We also will be having a gues…

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The Horned Beauty Welcome everyone to the final creature lesson of the year! Professor Cattercorn and I sincerely hope that you have had an excellent year in Care of Magical Creatures, and that you are excited for what the coming years will bring. While we are only covering one creature today, bot…

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Release the Owls! Welcome students to the final lesson before you sit your O.W.L.s! While you learned about your last creature of the year last week, Professor Cattercorn and I would like to review this year, as well as the previous years, to make sure you feel completely prepared for whatever com…

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In your fourth year of Care of Magical Creatures, you will learn about ten different creatures, varying from XXX to XXXX in classification. You will learn about creatures that are owed respect, inspired iconic inventions, and have incredible uses in the wizarding world. Throughout the year, you will also be forced to consider animal welfare as we develop your year long project. In your final lesson, we will return to previous years, reviewing the creatures covered up to this point in your education, before you sit your O.W.L.s.
Course Prerequisites:
  • COMC-401