Lesson 1) History of Magic Ordinary Wizarding Examination

The professor is waiting outside the Great Hall, allowing the Ministry of Magic proctors to set up the exam, with an encouraging smile on her face, answering all last minute questions that students ask. When the toll of the bell echoes through the castle, she opens the doors and instructs her Fifth Year students to enter and take a seat. “Place your bags in the back of the hall and use every other seat!” She reminds them, making her way to the front.

I can feel the tension; relax, all of you! You are going to do just fine. Now, I have a few announcements before we get started, so sit tight and try to pay attention despite your desire to get it over with. I will be covering what is expected from you in these exams and the criteria for continuing to the N.E.W.T. years of History of Magic.

At the moment, you are getting ready to take your theoretical examination, not that history can really be all that theoretical, but you get the point. It consists of ninety questions, composed of multiple choice, true or false, and short answer questions. These come from all of your years of study, all the way through Year Five, and yes, they truly do cover everything. Please keep in mind that some of these short answer questions will require paragraph answers and not only a couple of sentences. It is always in your best interest to be more detailed when answering short answer questions. Also be mindful of the time, you only have two hours to complete this exam so use your time wisely!

 After this, you will have an hour break, after which we will hold the practical portion. I have requested an additional hour for your practical exam, due to the nature of it. In essence, it will cover either one extensive, or a couple smaller, yet connected, topics from each year. In total, you will have five different essays to complete. Additional instructions will be provided once we arrive at that point. If anyone has a tendency to become queasy easily, please see me before the practical portion and I will make accommodations!

I would hope that the thought of cheating has not entered your heads, as you should be proud of your own work and put forth all of your effort. I know the thought of not receiving an O on your O.W.L. may be a painful thought for some of you, but your worth is not determined by a grade. Remember that. Now, despite that hope, we have taken precautions in order to prevent cheating on both the theoretical and practical examinations. You all have Anti-Cheating Quills in front of you that you are required to use along with the Anti-Cheating spells that have been applied to the Great Hall in general. If we come to find out that you have cheated on your O.W.L. exam (and do not doubt we will do so) you will fail the exam and be unable to retake it. If you feel that you have been unfairly treated in regards to the grading of your O.W.L. exam, come talk to me and we can discuss potential alternatives.

To continue on to N.E.W.T. History of Magic, you are required to obtain an Exceeds Expectations (80%) on your O.W.L. examination once the two separate parts are averaged out. I have no doubt that you will all do me proud. If you do have questions while taking the theoretical portion, please raise your hand and myself or another proctor will come over to clarify. We will not provide you with a hint, so do not waste your precious time asking a question that will not be answered.

With that, I believe I am finished and I am sure you are all ready to get started! Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your magical education over the last five years and I wish you luck moving forward. I hope to see many of you continue on with this course, there is still much more to learn.

 I am rooting for you! Now, begin.

This is the O.W.L. examination for History of Magic. You must pass with an "EE" to continue on with N.E.W.T. studies in this course.
Course Prerequisites:
  • HOM-501

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