Welcome back to Muggle Studies! I’m glad to see so many smiling faces. I do hope the break between years was nice and relaxing for all of you! I got to spend time catching up with family and friends, as well as attending a few small conferences related to my previous career in International A…
Welcome back to your second lesson on pop culture! After last week’s lesson, I did have a few students ask me how pop culture is related to Muggle Studies. Well, frankly, in order to successfully integrate and mingle with Muggles, you need to fully understand how to approach situations in wh…
Welcome back for Lesson Three! I trust that you have been attending all of your other classes, and doing all your homework? Excellent. I’m proud of you! This week we will continue on our pop culture exploration with a look at television. Last week we explored a bit of television by discussin…
This year, Muggle Studies moves away from its studies of film last year, to exploring pop culture and its impact on Muggles and their habits!

**this course is currently being rewritten to include new material. Stay tuned!**
Course Prerequisites:
  • MUST-401

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