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Name: Vaylen Draekon
Birthday: October 29th, 1980
Birthplace: Okinawa, Japan
Blood Status: Half-Blood
Schools Attended: Mahoutokoro School of Magic, MIT - Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Occupation on HiH: Potions Professor
Occupation Outside HiH: CEO and Founder of Kagaku Inc.

Wand: 14 inches, Ebony and Phoenix Feather, Solid
Patronus: Red Fox

Early Life: Vaylen Draekon was born to Sylas Draekon, a Muggle Gunnery Sergeant for the United States Marine Corps who was stationed in Okinawa, Japan, and Fuyumi Draekon (née Kamui), who belonged to the traditional Kamui wizarding lineage in Japan. The Kamui family, enraged at Fuyumi for falling in love with a Muggle, cut off complete contact with Fuyumi’s family nucleus. As a result, the Draekon household lived mostly a normal life, without discussing or practicing magic in the open. Vaylen usually watched his father fiddle with mechanical parts and guns, as he was specialized in explosives and weapons in general. Sylas frequently incentivized Vaylen to be a hands-on explorer and assemble whatever he could from innocuous scrap parts, but never let him be in contact with the bright and colorful, yet dangerous, chemicals. Everything changed when Vaylen discovered his magic accidentally. After being denied, once more, access to the colorful and enticing liquids that his father used, Vaylen blew up his house’s door in a fit of accidental magic fueled by blind rage. In order to cover up the events that transpired, the entire situation was stated to be “a terrorist attack”, disguising the expression of magic that came from Vaylen. His mother then explained that he was a Wizard, and began preparing him for the potential interview in order to enter Mahoutokoro School of Magic.

Educational Background: Even though Vaylen was being prepared for the interview and that his nationality was Japanese by both lineage and place of birth, his mother was unsure whether he’d be granted the opportunity to apply for the school - given the conservative values still held by the institution. Nevertheless, Vaylen got the opportunity to enroll at Mahoutokoro and ended up completing his education there. This is not to say, however, that his time in Mahoutokoro was easy. Vaylen was shunned by the other students due to his Western-like appearance and his mixed heritage in both race and blood. As a result, he frequently could not practice spells for classes such as Charms with friends, and had to learn how to be resourceful on his own. However, it was at this time that he began developing a great interest for Potions, due not only to his upbringing and childhood experiences, but also on how individual the process was. He found the quiet atmosphere of the dungeons relaxing, and began devoting himself to the craft. After graduating from Mahoutokoro, Vaylen decided that he wanted to see different places of the world - and it was at this time that he traveled to the USA in order to get extended education in Muggle chemistry at the MIT. He had a desire to intertwine magic and Muggle science into one combination, by seeing where the principles of nature would overlap with the Wizarding World and using that knowledge to come up with new theories. This educational background would then prove extremely useful in 2002, year in which Vaylen was invited to represent Mahoutokoro School of Magic in the Wizarding Schools Potions Championship - a competition that he ended up winning due to the amalgam of theoretical and practical experience he had amassed so far.

Work Background: Upon completing his education at MIT, Vaylen specialised in applied chemistry and became an experimental potioneer. The reason for that comes from understanding what his father did for a living and completely abhorring the killing and destruction that was brought by war. Rather than supporting fights and underhanded attacks, Vaylen saw an opportunity to use science to bring out the best in humanity, ensuring that the world could become a better place for people to live. It was at this time that Vaylen registered some independent patents for potions, although he never joined a large company due to ethical disagreements with their methods. These patents caught the attention of some like-minded Wizards and Witches, leading to the opening of Kagaku Inc. - a company with the intent to create reasonably-priced solutions to daily problems with the aid of science.

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