Emma Archrøse

Student (3rd Year)

ravenclawsome |-/ ID 349,015

  • Joined August 2014
  • Member of Ravenclaw
  • 1569 House Points
  • 3rd Year
  • United States


I am a fan of almost all types of music, as well as any other fine art. Drama, painting, dance, graphic design - I love them all! Being a Ravenclaw, I enjoy learning about any and every subject that I possibly can. I grew up with a Muggle father and a magical mother. Both of them encouraged me to continue learning along with my twin brother. When I received my Hogwarts letter, they were thrilled! I especially enjoy making friends with the different ghosts inhabiting the castle and am fascinated with the strange and unusual. A good way to keep me talking is to mention alien life and just let me rant.

I am currently studying for many different possible career paths; ideally, I would love to become a magizoologist! :D

Year 1
ASTR-101: 98% (O)
CHRM-101: 95% (O)
DADA-101: 97% (O)
HERB-101: 90% (O)
HOM-101: 98% (O)
PTNS-101: 100% (O)
TNFG-101: 99% (O)
Overall average: 97% (O)

Year 2
ALCH-201: 96% (O)
ANCR-201: 98% (O)
ASTR-201: 94% (O)
COMC-201: 99% (O)
CHRM-201: 97% (O)
DADA-201: 98% (O)
DIV-201: 98% (O)
HERB-201: 94% (O)
HOM-201: 99% (O)
PTNS-201: 99% (O)
TNFG-201: 97% (O)
Overall average: 97% (O)

Year 3
ALCH-301: 95% (O)
ANCR-301: 98% (O)
ANST-301: 99% (O)
ARTH-301: 98% (O)
ASTR-301: 96% (O)
COMC-301: 98% (O)
CHRM-301: 99% (O)
DADA-301: 98% (O)
DIV-301: 98% (O)
HERB-301: 94% (O)
HOM-301: 96% (O)
FLY-301: 99% (O)
MUST-301: 94% (O)
Overall average:
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