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If you're gonna do wrong, buddy, do wrong right.

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[ HEADER ] : mischiefraven @ tumblr
[ ANIME FACE REFERENCE ] : Kenji Yamaguchi / Tonari no Kaibutsu-Kun
[ RL FACE REFERENCE ] : Nariman Malanov

Beckett is simply an OC of mine, and not reflective of myself at all. Please bear that in mind!

My name is fish, but it's okay if you address me as Beckett~ (:


[ NAME ] : Beckett Muireadhach Urquhart, Beck for short
[ YEAR/AGE ] : 7th year, 18 years old (Oct. 31st)
[ HOMETOWN ] : Glasglow, Scotland
[ BLOOD ] : Halfblood from a rich muggle family
[ SEXUALITY ] : Beck: *raspberries @ this question*

[ WAND ] : 8", dogwood, springy. Jackalope antler core. It looks a tad bit like an antler at its hilt. He keeps a rabbit's foot on the end, dangling by a leather string.

[ HEIGHT ] : 6'1" (186 cm)
[ WEIGHT ] : 171 lbs (78 kg)
[ HAIR ] : Naturally black, bleached white
[ EYES ] : Blue

Beckett is a good guy, despite everything pointing otherwise. He's fun-loving and likes to help people, being a child of chivalry and a well rounded family. But he ran off from his family with his sister and lives off of potato chips and dumpster diving, so there's obvious underlying issues. There's something gratifying about being a huge bother, and that's what Beckett likes to be. He's a magpie that steals anything that catches his eye. He collects disgusting oddities and magical trinkets, and he may or may not turn them over for a profit on the side. He's not necessarily mean on purpose, but he likes to tease and giggle at people who don't really deserve it. Most people end up liking him despite that, as he's charming and flirtatious in very wholesome, innocent ways. He knows how to talk to people, he just also knows how to underhandedly bother them. Beckett cleans up well, is musically adept, well read, and courteous when he wants to be.

He's the kid on the playground that eats worms because people dared him to. The one that will spit them out onto your face if you're annoying him. "I don't care" is his motto.

The biggest thing about Beckett is that no one knows much about him, despite numerous rumors going around. Things tend to contradict and intertwine until it's enigmatic and makes little sense. Beckett likes it that way. But don't be fooled, this storyteller is often caught in misadventures where he ends up perfectly fine by the skin of his teeth, and that's the truth. He doesn't embellish. But, he does underhandedly spread things about himself to keep people guessing.

Those who are interested can receive tarot readings from him. He's learned quite a bit of divination from his cousin, though he's not nearly as adept as she is.

Animals. Like, any animal. The uglier the animal, the more he likes it. Favorites being fruit bats and bulldogs. :: Oddities, like jarred piglets with twenty hooves or rusted 17th century scissors. But, also magical oddities. He has a collection of things that can kill him. :: Experimental music, especially the kind where people are yelling. Harsh noise. Electronica. Pop songs slowed down 800%. :: Sleeps all day, everyday :: Fire and setting things on fire :: Wears other people's clothes :: Other people's things in general :: Adrenaline junkie :: When people get so fed up with him, they can't talk :: Maintains an air of mysteriousness / enigma on purpose, he loves it :: Storytelling :: Grossing people out :: Bloody noses :: Picking at scabs :: Gummy candy :: Singing :: Quidditch, but only when he's playing :: Playing the Devil's Advocate :: Don'tcha love the tension when someone tries to beat your face in? :: Playing guitar :: The bewildered look on his mom's face when he does, like, anything, such as bleaching his hair.

Know-it-alls :: Being cornered :: Playing the harp, even though he's rad at it :: His family, but in a "I'd rather not be near them" kind of way, not really a hateful way :: Nagging :: Commitment :: Responsibility :: Expectations :: Any sort of relationship :: Having his face touched, even in intimate moments :: Most drugs and alcohol, but doesn't care if other people do it. He just doesn't like the feeling. Plus, beer is gross :: Tiny portions in food, he doesn't care how good it tastes, he wants fifty pounds of pasta on his plate :: Family dinners :: Sharing food or school supplies :: For someone who borrows and steals things from other people, he really hates letting people borrow things from him :: Brushing his hair :: Extreme temperatures :: High collars, scarves, things that constrict his neck :: Essays :: Having to give honest critique.

Always the mischievous child, Beckett was the cause of many of his mother's problems as he grew up. While her intention was to marry a rich man with no spooky, lil' strings attached, what she received was a well mannered wizard who fell deeply in love with her. And perhaps she loved him, too. But when his older sister, Violet, was accepted into Hogwarts, life for them was suddenly much more confusing and a bit horrifying. Beckett, being only four years younger than her, immediately found it extraordinary, and it took him no time at all to tap into the goldmine that is magic. This meant a lot of phone calls home from his private, muggle primary school, ranging from "he somehow threw a peer onto the roof" to "he somehow set the loo on fire". Beckett likes the exciting aspects of life, he always has, and it was because he showed this trait at such a young age that his mother did her surefire best to keep him in line.

But nothing ever worked.

He was sorted into Slytherin, just like Violet, and the two of them mostly went their own ways. If one saw them in the hallway, they could likely guess they were siblings based on their blase dispositions while hanging around each other. But Violet mothered Beckett a bit, not very much to be annoying, but enough to keep him in check. She could often be seen tying or retying his tie for him in the common room.

At age thirteen, Beckett's sister graduated Hogwarts, and she took no time to leave the stuffiness of their parents' home, and she didn't even hesitate to bring Beckett with her. While their relationship was never tight knit, she understood their lifestyle was much too suffocating for a teenager. Technically, Beckett is a runaway, as he never even said goodbye to his parents. His mother freaks out often about his wellbeing, but he managed to elude her until he was of age. The siblings found an apartment in Glasgow, settled down with a few roommates, and Beckett has been living the life of poverty ever since. However, in truth, Beckett finds it all very exciting and always has. Without his sister at school, he became a bit of a local legend with the antics he finds himself in. Some would describe him as devilish, but those who do have never spoken to his otherwise cathartic charm.
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