Selene Jackson

Student/Seeker/ QQS Assistant

1st year Muggleborn Halfblood Hufflepuff, Animagus- Palomino Throughbred Mare (female horse), Lots of Pets (muggle and non-muggle)

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I got my letter 2 years late. I'm also a demigod. I was a hatstall between Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff. I got put into Hufflepuff. I didn't have any friends at first, then I met Slythia, Kate, Remus and Teddy. As I've gone along in the year, I have gotten more and more friends!

Age- 13

Parents- Sally Jackson (Squib) and Poseidon (Greek god), Paul Blofis (muggle, stepdad)

Siblings- Percy Jackson (Squib) and an unborn half sibling (unknown)

Hair Color- chest length blonde hair

Eye Color- Blue sometimes grey blue

Wand- 12 1/2 inch Pear wood with a Phoenix feather core

Weapon- PalĂ­rroia, or Tide, a 4ft long Imperial Gold sword(mines better than my brothers) that can go in any form but prefers pen form, It also can come back to her if lost

Patronus- Dolphin

Special Abilities- Animagus(Palomino Throughbred Mare (female horse)), can breathe underwater, can talk to underwater animals and equine animals, Seeker for Hogwarts Subteam team, Quality Quidditch Supplies Assistant

Pets- Hebe and Ceres are my Munchkin cats, Asterea is my Maine Coon cat, Hera is my Barn Owl, Amphitrite is my Crup, Iris is my baby Niffler, Hestia is my Puffskein, Scorpius is my male Ferret, Hecate is my female Ferret, Maia? is my rabbit,

Crush- Connor Stoll(demigod)

P.S.- My profile picture is not actually me...


Real Name: Jaclyn Johnson


Hair Color: Chest length Blonde hair

Eye Color: Deep deep blue, depends on color that is being worn

Pets: Hope, a fat short Golden Retriever; Addie, a grey Mare (female horse); Chancie, a Loinhead rabbit; Meadow, a black Gelding (male horse that is unable to breed) that went to TAMU

Crush- Ben Howard (muggle)

Friends: Muggle- Zona Johnson, Sophie Wells, Lauren Randall, Felicity Leal, Ben Howard, Ana Torres, Mira ?, Caden Ganley; Wizard/Witch- Kate Evans, Slythia Lestrange, Logan Griffen, Caroline Eldridge, Claudia Kanakaris, Avele Multor, more added later
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