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Oh, Hello there. My name is Raven LaCroix, and it's a pleasure to meet you. Oh I'm supposed to talk about myself? Well let's see, i've never been good with describing myself.. Well I guess a good place to start would be my parents. I'm the only child of Lunaria and Pierre LaCroix.
From what I have been told in my younger years, they met in the Ministry of Magic, my Mother worked in the Department of Intoxicating Substances and my Father works for the Improper Use of Magic Office.
~ Scratches her head~ And.. well I'm not sure exactly how they met, after my Parents Divorced, neither one of them really likes to talk about it. I Think there was some kind of With or Wizard Shortage in my Mother's Department so it was a 24 hour job, so they both agreed my Father would take me to live with him back in France, his home country.
So Now that i was living in France, I went to BeuxBatons Academy of Magic. By the time i had started my enrollment there, my Father was already.... ~grits her teeth slightly~ .... Involved with another woman. a Moldu... er.. Muggle, Sorry, sometimes my mind switches languages. Not that Muggles are bad, but she was like ten years younger then my Father. i mean.... Dad... Can you Not?

So, there I am, the end of my third year and my Father tells me that Patricia, the Muggle, is pregnant with my half- sibling. That summer wasn't very exciting, I mostly just wrote letters to my Mother informing her of the new catastrophe. I mean i loved my Dad, but... I wasn't soo sure now. With Father and Mother's permission, I would travel back to London to live with my Mother, and later attend Hogwarts, just in time for my Fourth year.
I mean, did i live more of a fancy life in France? Well, yea, my Father still works for the French Ministry. Fortunately, MY Mother wasn't working for the English Ministry, but she opened up a shoppe in Diagon Alley. She turned her Intoxicating education into books and potion materials that are... well... not intoxicating..

My BeauBatons House was Sornois, so obviously Slytherin was the best fir for me haha.
my Wand is made of Elm Wood, with a Unicorn Hair core, 12 1/4'' with Solid Flexibility.

So... There you go, the life of Raven LaCroix. Told ya i wasn't so good at talking about myself. but please if you see me around the castle feel free to stop me and inquire further.
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