Charlie Finn

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They/them, Demi-pansexual, romantically polygamous, genderqueer || autism, OCD, DID, ADHD, narcolepsy, cataplexy, depression, anxiety, misophonia.

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Born to a muggle family in America, Charlie was named Elisabeth at birth. Their parents were teachers, but when they were four, their dad got a job in London as the headmaster of a boarding school, so they picked up and moved to a two-story house in the outskirts of London, where they attended public school. When they were six, the teachers started to notice they were falling asleep in all their classes, and having trouble remembering things. There was some debate over whether the child was just being lazy, or if there was something wrong. As Charlie was a naturally gifted student, who had been doing basic algebra during kindergarten, the teachers recommended that the Finn family see a doctor about their child's condition.

After visiting several hospitals, Charlie was diagnosed with narcolepsy with cataplexy, an autoimmune/neurological disorder. Charlie, being the naturally curious child they were, immediately saved up for a copy of the DSM and researched their condition as fully as they could. As the years progressed, Charlie was diagnosed with a slew of other conditions, including depression, anxiety, OCD, mild autism, an auditory processing disorder, misophonia, dissociative identity disorder, and ADHD.

At ten, they realized they weren't a girl. Their parents weren't...unsupportive of their identity, but there seemed to be an increase of pressure for Charlie to be....feminine. Their home became toxic, stifling the child as they were told they weren't working hard enough. Their name became synonymous with 'lazy', and they struggled with their weight and mental health.

With their emotions out of wack, things began to happen around them. Cats began to swarm around their house, and flowers seemed to grow around them with surprising speed. People began to avoid them as if they carried the plague, and their grades continued to drop.

On their eleventh birthday, they found a letter sealed with wax on their front step. The words seemed familiar, as if they belonged. Three days later, and they were walking down Diagon Alley, muggle money clutched in their hand.

Hogwarts seemed so wonderful, that they didn't give much thought to what house they would be in. Many would say they belonged in Hufflepuff, but the hat had spent uite a bit of time debating this, and had come to the conclusion that they would thrive the most in Slytherin.

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