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Name: MacKinze Brookes Character Age: 14 Hogwarts House: Evenly between Hufflepuff and Revenclaw. Chose Hufflepuff during sorting. Height: 5' 2" I was born in Austin, Texas. I was an only child for eight years, with a mother and father, until my sister came along. I spent a lot of time at my Nana's (grandmother) house, where she taught me magic. Nana attended Ilvermorny School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. After that, she married a No-Maj and lived together until he passed away a few years after their second child, my mother, was born. My parents were neither given acceptance into Ilvermorny. In all senses they have no magical ability. When I turned eleven, I was given the opportunity to attend Ilvermorny. I stayed there for a year and absolutely loved it! After that year, my father had a job company change and we were all transferred to London. When Ilvermorny found out about the move, they sent a message to Hogwarts and I was sent a letter of acceptance within the week. Ilvermorny mailed my wand and my school supplies that were kept at the school and I picked them up at the Owlery in Diagon Alley. Once I got to Hogwarts, I was not very surprised to be sorted into Hufflepuff! I know that I am going to fit in well with the group. I hope they are kind-hearted and understanding. While I know I am always going to miss Ilvermorny, I believe I can find a new place of belonging at Hogwarts!

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