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Loving life with my **little** sister, Regina Cross.

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I am a muggle born witch along with my twin sister. My mom always said that when I was younger, I would make unexplainable things happen, and as I got older, I began to notice them too. And then one day, I received my letter in the mail. I was a witch! I couldn't believe it, now I understood why I was different; why nothing made any sense in my life. It all finally seemed to fall into place, and the same can be said for my sister. We couldn't wait to get to school and develop our magical abilities. Which is what we are still doing. I work my tail off to make decent grades. I'm no Hermione Granger. And that's where my life has ended up for now. I can't wait until I graduate and get to do what I really want; a Healer.

In my down time, when I'm not studying for classes, you can find me with me my sister (and don't listen to her when she says she's the cooler sister, that's totally me). I enjoy reading, singing, and making music out of magic.

**My wand**

Length: 12 1/2 in.

Flexibility: Pliant

Wood: Pear

Core: Phoenix feather

I remember walking into Ollivander's feeling totally lost. I had only learned of my abilities when I received my letter to Hogwart's. I remember being told that if I wanted a good wand, then I would go to Ollivander's. So, that's just what I did. My parent's had no idea what was going on either, being Muggles and all.

That's when Ollivander walked out from the back of the shop. He skipped formalities since he already knew what I was there for, and he began eyeing me closely. To say I felt like I had been placed under a microscope was an understatement. My eye's wandered everywhere to avoid staring at him while he stared at me. I think even my parents were a little antsy. Then, all of a sudden, he turns and walks back to the back of the shop.

Moments later, he returns opening a box before he pulls out a wand and hands it to me. "Give it a wave," he instructed me. I did, and half the books came flying off the shelf before he took the wand from me, and put it away. He said that the wand would choose the wizard and that, obviously, this one was not mine. He brought back a few more, all of them causing mayhem, before he brought the one that would be mine. When he handed the wand to me, it's almost as if the wand came to life, and I could feel the power moving through it. Ollivander told me it was a perfect fit, and the rest was history.

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