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One day, if you are broken, a cat will lovingly lift the pieces of your heart, and pull you back together. <3

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Some people think that the role of a prankster is useless, a waste of time, a waste of potential. But I argue differently. The true meaning of the title "Prankster" is a responsibility to bring fun, magic, and light to this world, even when all seems lost!

I am the best friend of the Weasley twins, twin sister of Harry Potter, and a mischief maker to the bone!

Even if I seem blunt at times, I almost always mean well, so don't judge me on what you hear!

As a child, I was always better liked by the Dursleys for some reason. Neither I nor Harry could understand it. They still didn't treat me as their daughter, but I got off better then Harry, and here's a secret: I've always hated it.

When strange letters started arriving addressed to Harry and I, the Dursleys kept them from us and would not tell us why. (Hey, that rhymes!) I tried to steal them, but back then, I didn't have magical help to assist me.

Well, it all worked out eventually, Hagrid found us and introduced us to the Wizarding world, he brought us to Diagon alley where we bought schoolbooks and he gave Harry and I each a pet. Harry selected a Snowy owl (later named Hedwig) and I found a black cat that I named Allie. And at platform 9 3/4, I met Fred and George. They taught me a lot about pranking that I had missed! We became best friends not long after.

I was sorted into Gryffindor, like my brother, and I would not want to be anywhere else! Hogwarts soon became my home, my paradise, the only place I belong.

Fred and George introduced me to Quiddich and everyone said I was rather good, but sadly, Harry beat me to it and took the last position on the team.

So here I am!! I spend my days terrorizing anyone that I find is too serious, playing pranks on the Malfoys, and sliding on the floor like an idiot, all while trying to keep my grades up.

Apart from my mostly playful nature, I do value my own time. I also love reading! I am a dreamer, and sometimes I will climb a tree and dream the weekend away. :)

Thank you all for listening to my story, and enjoy your day!

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