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Give me food or give me death, because without food then I will die of starvation!

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On June 3rd, 2004 two muggles, Victoria and Alexander Moore had a baby girl, Peyton. They lived a typical muggle life, with two dogs, and soon after Peytons birth, another little girl. Peyton excelled in her schools, always at the top of her class. She was very shy once you first met her, but after awhile she would open up to you. When Peyton was 7, her parents announced that they were splitting up, and Peyton, her mother, and her sister Anne would be moving in with Victoria's mother, Suzy. They had been living with Suzy for about 4 years when Victoria announced that she was dating a man named Ralph.Victoria and Ralph got along great. Victoria, Peyton, and Anne moved to a new house with Ralph, and soon, Peyton had her twelfth birthday.

Peyton had always been a huge Harry Potter fan, which she got from her father. She longed for her letter, but as she was twelve, she had long since given up that hope, but on one fateful night, Peyton awoke to a faint tapping on her bedroom window. Standing there on her windowsill was a great Tawney owl, with an envelope in it's beak. She quickly opened her window and gently took the letter. She opened it and realized her childhood dream had come true. She had gotten her Hogwarts letter. The following day, a women showed up at her door, claiming to be a Professor Tudor, from Hogwarts School at Witchcraft and Wizardry. Professor Tudor explained everything to Peytons mother and stepfather. They had skipped over Peytons name when sending letters, and had only noticed when they went over who had shown up the previous year! She then took Peyton to Diagon Alley, to get all her school supplies. Peyton was ecstatic!

When she arrived at Hogwarts, she instantly felt at home. She was sorted into Hufflepuff, and Peyton loved it! About a month after she arrived, Peyton was strolling in the Forbidden Forest when she noticed a small bowtruckle making sounds as if it was dying. Peyton searched the clearing and found the bowtruckle surrounded by other bowtruckles who were beating it into a leafy pulp. Peyton intervened and rushed the injured bowtruckle to the Care of Magical Creatures Professor. As it was obvious the little bowtruckle, whom was later dubbed Paisley, couldn't and wouldn't go back to the forest, Peyton took her in, and she is currently living in a bonsai tree besides Peytons bed. That's as far as Peytons story goes so far, but she is eager to go on wild adventures and make her years at Hogwarts memorable.
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