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Hello! My name is Rae Lynn and I am proud to be of the Hufflepuff House. I consider myself to be a bit of a late bloomer in the magical world.  I did not discover my abilities until 2013 and, at my age, that's quite unusual! It happened that summer when I met my friend Heather who, unbeknownst to me, was a witch. You see, I'm Muggle-born and had no idea that such a wonderful world existed! When I met Heather, something inside me that had lain dormant awakened and I turned the water in my glass into Kool-Aid. I was shocked and confused but Heather knew exactly what had happened. She calmed me down and explained to me that I was a witch and so was she.

When I discovered my magical abilities, I began to study my genealogy, knowing that somewhere I must have had an ancestor who was a witch or wizard. Over the course of this search, I found my grandmother's grandmother, Margaret, who came to England from Holland. From the evidence that I gathered, it seems that she was a witch who left everything she knew to start over in London. She did this because she wanted to learn! 

Now, being raised in Muggle society, I do not know very much about the Wizarding World, but knowing the lengths my great grandmother went to for a better wizarding education, I have a new-found determination for my own scholastic career. It does not matter how afraid I may become. I know now that I come from great strength and perseverance. There is no end to what I can accomplish...

And I just can't wait until I can study Wandlore. I have so many questions! How is it that wands are semi-sentient? Why was a Unicorn hair core the best choice for me? What am I destined for as a witch? This is the sort of thing that keeps me up at night, though my dorm-mate's snoring doesn't help...
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