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"Different denotes neither bad nor good, but it certainly means not the same." In a relationship with Scarlett Dimitri <3 - 12/22/2017

  • Joined May 2014
  • Member of Slytherin
  • 58 House Points
  • 1st Year
  • United States


Character Age: 18
Seventh Year
Girlfriend: Scarlett Dimitri

Father: Harold R. Meunier - 56 (deceased)
Mother: Mary A. Meunier - 53

Brother: Felix Meunier - 33 (deceased)
Sister: Jocasta Meunier - 30
Brother: Raven Meunier - 27
Brother: Callum Meunier - 24
Sister: Gloriana Meunier - 21
Sister (close friendship): Ophelia Grace - 15
Sister (adoptive): Cassandra Iris Meunier - 14

Daughter-figure: Aspen Storms - 14

Pureblood wizard from a relatively unknown magical family - father was an Auror, mother was a Healer. He aspires to be an Auror like his father and restore Slytherin's reputation after past strings of unsavory characters besmirched it with evil deeds. Was a bit of a hatstall - the Sorting Hat had difficulty deciding between Slytherin and Ravenclaw. He would like to think a mix of intelligence/cunning and ambition is good to have when attempting to enter such a dangerous and demanding career path.

[Pre-Sixth Year info will come eventually]

Ryan's return to Hogwarts in time for his Sixth Year was both founded on a tumultuous time in his life and led to facing his own mortality far more times than he was comfortable with. His father was killed-in-action in March of 2016, while his family was in America and his father was working alongside MACUSA on a case of international importance. His mother decided that they should all return to London permanently, not wanting to stay in the country where her husband was murdered. There was a deep divide in his family caused by the death of his father - three of his siblings believed that their father's compassionate, forgiving nature led to his death and they seemed to excise those traits from their personality entirely. Ryan and one of his brothers, however, refused to see it that way and ended up staying on good terms with one another.

His actual Sixth Year at school is...difficult to explain. He made many friends that he still keeps to this day - Genevieve Hawthorne, Roland Targaryen, Leah Miller, Rowan Charles Halvorsen, Cassandra Black, and Catherine Desrosiers. He made others, but that continues to be his core friend group from the time period. This was also a year of great trauma as Hurricane Billiam tore through, decapitating/murdering anyone that might even possibly be a "dark witch or wizard." The greatest victory Ryan was ever a part of was shutting down that reign of terror before any more innocent lives were lost. He had found love in one of his closest friends and his Sixth Year almost ended happily ever after, until that love disappeared in April without a word or a trace. This led him to several months of withdrawing into himself, hiding out in his dorm, having very little contact with anyone, even his closest friends.

Seventh Year has been...eventful, so far. He became a Prefect for Defense Against the Dark Arts, which is a position he's rather proud of. He rededicated himself to things he had started work on in his Sixth Year - a group for training students who want to be Aurors and work with the Ministry under Minister Leah Miller. In December, his love from Sixth Year returned to Hogwarts and he felt that maybe things were looking up...which was a completely naive and moronic conclusion. Shame on him. They chose to remain friends in the end, however, which he felt was likely a better choice for them. He...mourned that love for a time, which led to reckless actions like jumping off of a skyscraper. Fun fact - you can survive that if you count the moments to use Arresto Momentum correctly and then apparate just before hitting the ground. Ryan also gained a new sister this year - his mother agreed to adopt his friend Cassandra, meaning that he now has TWO siblings he gets along with. He also more people to his list of friends he cares greatly for - Dr. Victoria Frankenstein, Ophelia Grace, Amara Moreau, and Charlotte Williams (#repeatsquad).

But, the real prize of Seventh Year has been Scarlett Dimitri. He had chosen to introduce himself to her based on Rowan's positive comments about her. He had thought he might make a new friend out of it, but - little did he know - she would capture his heart almost instantly. He lacks the words necessary to express how truly wonderful she is - it's a problem he encounters often. She helps mend his broken heart. Helps assuage his fears and insecurities. Makes him feel like he can take on the world if he needs to. She is more than he ever could have asked for and he still can't figure out how he was lucky enough to capture her heart as well.

Hogwarts House: Slytherin
Ilvermorny House: Pukwudgie
Patronus: Doe
- Alder Wood
- Phoenix feather core
- 13"
- Brittle

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