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Hey! I'm Annie and because I am board I decided to write this! So here we go.

I was born August 5th 2002. I have a pretty complicated parenthood so listen closely.

My mother is Athena, so I'm a demigod. My father went to Hogwarts and passed down the magical trait. I have a sister, well half sister, Madisen and she is not a demigod. Our dad is the same but her mother is different. See complicated.

I spend the school year at Hogwarts, and the summer at Camp Half-Blood so I don't really get to see my parents much, but really I'm fine with that.

I run a bakery and help out with at an adoption center which a really good friend of mine, Sky Dragen, runs.
The bakery being Annie's Goodies and Sweets
and the adoption center being Magical and Non Magical Creature adoption center. Go check them out if you want!

I have two pets, a Fennec fox and Pegasus. I used to have a cat Midnight but one day I just found her dead...
Dewy, the Fennec fox is suuper playful. He loves to eat too which is a pretty random fact, but whatever.
Starry, on the other hand is calm and loves to just fly around in the sky sometimes. Random too... *facepalm* I'm to weird for my good.

Let's see... anything else? Oh yeah! At Hogwarts I am a 5th year. My favorite class has to be Charms or Transfiguration.

Want to hear about Camp Half-Blood? Yeah, you do, and like I said I'm board so I'm just gonna shove this info down your throat.
I'm in the Athena Cabin and carry around a dagger most of the time. During quests I bring my bow and arrows though. My cabin is a really great and I love most of my Cabin mates. Mostly Cathrine and Evelyn though. Sky also is a Demigod... this is all really random. You know I'm gonna stop right now.

Have a good day!
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