Theophillus Blackwood

Ministry Employee (MLE)

Law-wizard (author and legal advisor to the Wizengamot), arithmancer and historian. Beuxbatonnais, Ravenclaw, and a honorary Thunderbird (long story).

  • Joined May 2014
  • Member of Ravenclaw
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  • United Kingdom


Born in Portugal (as Teófilo Condesso) to a Muggle and a witch, I attended L'académie de Magie Beauxbâtons for 3 marvellous years (comme tel, mon français est plutôt bon); however, my parents fled the suspicions of witchcraft in my town, and eventually moved to Glasgow, changing our names to Blackwood and completely blending in. As such, I enrolled in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, even getting a excepcional late-sorting into Ravenclaw.
I did well in Defense Against the Dark Arts, Transfiguration and Potions, and excelled in Arithmancy and History of Magic (first international student to get a recommendation letter from both professors), and constantly felt the need for a class that covers social interactions, and how we, an underground society, manage to cope with the challenges put by the urge for rules, for a system, for a constitutional basis, for economic and social, poltical and civil regulations.
I applied for internships at the Ministry for Magic, and I did gain some knowledge, as I spent 2 whole years in the Department of Magical Law Enforcement (6 - dull, awfully dull - months in the Administrative Registration Department, 9 months in the Improper Use of Magic Office, and another 9 months with the Wizengamot itself, already providing legal advice).
I specialized in Magical Law, in History and Politics of Magic and in Advanced Numerology and Arithmancy, having written on such themes ("A Magical Constitution? The need for a solid basis of rights and structure in a fragilized society" being my first major dissertation).
I applied twice to a teaching post at Hogwarts (first to become the History of Magic master, then to replace dear Septima Vector), but was never successful; by 2004, I also tried to persuade Professor McGonagall into creating a optional subject on Magical Law, but such an idea seemed to be "quite off course", apparently. I then turned to my first school, and Madame Maxime felt my ideas were not only opportune, but also reconcilable; as such, I taught both "Aritmancie" and "Histoire de la Magie" for 4 years, having even estabilished a brief "Droit Magique" course for seven-years. However, I only realized how recognised my work was when Ilvermorny School of Witchcraft and Wizardry established contact, in order to provide their students with such legal formation.
After my father's death, in 2010, I returned to Whitehall, and am now working, once again, for the British Ministry of Magic, in close cooperation with its Wizengamot. As my mother returned to Portugal, even though I still visit her often, my only company is, for now, little Basil, a lovely and faithful Crup I brought from Lisbon a couple years ago.
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