Gavin MacWilliam

American Hogwarts Student

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  • United States


I first came into contact with the wizarding world when i started exploring murals in the Pilsen district in Chicago. I had seen a strange man wearing what looked like a dress from afar, pointing a stick at a brick wall before walking strait through. intrigued by this person, i followed behind him only to find myself in a different world (literally, everyone started speaking in a British accent). i had appeared in the middle of a shopping metropolis, with strange shops all around me. being muggle-born, i had never seen anything like this before. I walked into the closest shop, which had the name "Ollivander's" and was instantly overwhelmed. these sticks were all over the place, resembling the different wands i had seen on TV then growing up. the man at the counter looked strangely, as if trying to figure me out, before pulling out what would quickly become my prized possession, a 14 1/2 inch cherry wand with a unicorn hair core. i reached towards the wooded wand and as i made contact, a surge of power flow through, and i believe the man at the counter saw this as well. when i turned around, the robed man i had followed here was looking down at me with a smile, as if i were a tiny child. he simply walked past me, paid for the wand and walked past me before saying "It will be on the way soon." I later found out that he had meant my Hogwarts letter, which was then sent a few days later. I am now a proud Hufflepuff student and i have not looked back since. I wonder though, Why was i not put in Ilvermorny?
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