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Age: 14
Gender: Female
Patronus: Unknown
Wand: 10" Hawthorn, unicorn hair

Backstory: I have a very complicated past, filled with a lot of pain and suffering.

I am a witch, a demigod, a Shadowhunter (or, at least, I have Shadowhunter blood), a werewolf, and (hopefully) a future Dragon Rider. How did I get so many different types of blood? Well, hopefully you can keep up with me.

My mother was a witch and a Shadowhunter. Her father was a wizard who fell in love with a Shadowhunter in disguise. My father . . . . we'll get to him later. My mother once knew 2 Shadowhunter brothers, who she had known for almost her whole life, As the years passed, she fell in love with the younger one. They were happy for a while, but when he was pulled away for a Shadowhunter mission, he was bitten by a werewolf. He vanished, with only one letter to his brother and my mother, explaining his problem. His brother also left soon afterwards. It was a few years after the disappearance of the brothers that my mother met a handsome "Shadowhunter," who fell for her completely, especially her love for music. It wasn't long until she fell in love with him too. He soon revealed to her that he was not a Shadowhunter at all, but the Greek god Apollo. My mom was a little surprised, but she didn't particularly care; she was in love with him. She became pregnant, and once I was born, Apollo left.

A year passed, and the Shadowhunter brother who had been bitten by a werewolf risked coming back. He found my mother, and was somewhat surprised to see me, but adopted me just the same. He and my mother raised me for several years. One night, when I was six and my mother was gone, the werewolf went into one of his "phasing fits," where he didn't know who he was or any of the people around him. I went close to him, thinking he was just playing with me, and hit bit me. I became a werewolf. My mother and the werewolf raised me in secret from then on, hiding my condition from everyone else. Finally, when they couldn't hide me anymore, they sent me to the werewolf's brother, who had become a Dragon Rider and lived in an Academy.

I lived with him at the Dragon Rider Academy of Dorran (a land of dragons and mythical creatures) for a couple years. One day, I was wandering through the forest by a river when I saw a young wolf pup in the river. I jumped in and rescued him. When I got him out of the river, I noticed how young he was. He was maybe a couple days old, and extremely skinny, like he was abandoned by his mother. I made it my job to take care of him, and he grew into a very large, strong, and intelligent young wolf, who protected me at all costs. I named him Faolan, after a wolf I read about in a story, who had also been rescued from a river.

I suddenly got an urge that I needed to go somewhere, immediately. Packing my things, I followed my instincts, which led me to Camp Half-Blood. I began to travel back and forth, from CHB to DRAoD. Every summer, I would go to CHB and get my training as a demigod, and every winter, I would stay at the Academy. I never took any classes, though. A dragon never hatched for me, so I wasn't allowed to. When I was 11, I got my Hogwarts letter. It didn't surprise my guardian, nor his brother or my mom. I went to Hogwarts during the school year, Camp Half-Blood during the summer, and I take as many vacations as possible at the Dragon Rider Academy.

At Hogwarts, I met two brothers. One, Jace, was only a month older than me. He was a Slytherin while I was a Gryffindor. The other, Aaron, was 11 months older and a Gryffindor. They became my best friends. They respected Faolan, and put up with me being a werewolf, since I didn't have many phasing fits. I could transform at any time, and I always knew who I was. I keep in almost constant contact with them over the summer, like I do with my mother year round.

I hope to become a magizoologist and teach others about the creatures in the worlds of demigods and Dragon Riders, as well as the creatures of the Wizarding World. I love all magical creatures, although my favorites are the dragon, occamy, niffler, basilisk, and thunderbird. I love country music, and can spend hours listening to it or trying to replicate it on a guitar (I'm not always successful.)

Crazy, eh?
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