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Name: Tiago.
Age: 20
Occupation: Wandlorist (theorist and practical researcher)
Birthplace: Southern Brazil
Magical School Attended: Castelobruxo
Wand: Brazilian Pine and Unicorn Hair core, 9" and reasonably supple (made by himself)
Patronus: ocelot
General Appearance: Very short black hair, dark brown eyes (so dark they seem to be black), average height (5'7") and quite low weight (55 kg). He uses tight clothes, long jackets, usually in black and yellow.
History: Tiago was born in Brazil, somewhere in the southernmost part of the country, in a wealthy pure-blood family. Due to problems their parents had with the Brazilian Ministry of Magic, Tiago stopped using his family name to preserve his identity. When he was 10, Tiago was sent to the wizarding school in South America, "Escola de Magia Castelobruxo", which was very far from his house. His parents got him a wand from Ollivanders. He was one of the best students, always bearing great grades and a model behavior. However, Tiago did not find any of the academics interesting enough for a carreer path. He was interested in wands, but there are very little a student can learn about wandlore in school. During the latter years at school, Tiago got involved with one healer assistant of the school hospital wing. At first they were just friends, but it evolved to a secret romance. The healer was a young man who had travelled the world after school. He used to tell Tiago about the many things he learned from other magical cultures, which inspired the youngest to do the same and learn wandlore from every place. And so when Tiago finished school at 18 years old, he spent one and a half years travelling with twin friends (a man who intended to become a magizoologist and a woman who wanted to be a herbologist). Tragedies came to happen in the end of the travel, and Tiago was then back to Brazil all by himself. But he had seen and learned much. Tiago crafted a wand of his own, using wood from a Brazilian Pine he had in the garden of his family house, but choosing to maintain lenght and core that Ollivanders thought suited him until he could learn a bit more. And now he headed to Hogwarts, in the intention to learn a bit more from the ancient library the millenar school has to offer.
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