Lauren Hofmeister

1st year Student

Hi! I'm a proud supporter of anyone LGBT+ I am best friends with savannah and penny, kinda a nerd lol and I love art:)

  • Joined September 2020
  • Member of Slytherin
  • 18 House Points
  • 1st Year
  • United States


Name: Lauren Hofmeister

Looks: she wears glasses has a sort of side bang almost always wearing her headband and choker.

Casual Clothes: when not in her uniform she still loves showing her Slytherin pride through her green sweater and white collared shirt underneath along with her black overalls.

Hair color: Dirty Blonde

Eye color: Black

Gender: female

Sexuality: bisexual (85% girls 15% guys)

Personality: She's a very quiet and shy girl when you first meet her, but if she trusts you shes a whole lot of fun! but when she's on the field she's probably the loudest most competitive person out there. shes really into school and loves a good book. shes super caring and if you're in a relationship with her she quite a clingy person.

Likes: art, books, writing, other people (until they brake her trust)

Dislikes: being held back from doing better

Additional info: LOVES chocolates, and also has loved the color green from the age of 6

Backstory: Her mother and father have been nothing but kind to her, she has an older sister Laya but she's kind of an *ss, she used to be a very open, loud, outgoing girl but she was always bullied for her learning disability, so now she tries harder than everyone just to keep up so no one will make fun of her. she's been hurt a lot so if she opens up to you congrats! you are probably now her best friend or she wants to be more than friends ;) and she would probably trust you with her life. she never grew up with a lot of money just enough, so she always grew up wanting and loving thoughtful gifts instead of really expensive ones.

First thoughts of Hogwarts: When I received my letter to Hogwarts I was elated! I met my best friends well I was shopping for my supplies, Savanah and Penny even though we got sorted into different houses we remain best friends. I am in love with art and animals, I have a broom not a very good one but mother and father still scarped up a little money to get me one! I wish to join the quidditch team, I have an owl named LoLo. I also found out last year for my love of women, yes I'm gay, I don't care as long as you treat me like a normal human being... almost human ;) anyway, I am so happy to join you all in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. I became friends with Hermione Granger well waiting for the train n platform 9 3/4 we are both obsessed with learning and reading and school in general, we are both not pureblood witches and well I hope that getting put in different houses doesn't separate us I think it might a little but I'm sure we will see each other around the castle.
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