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The profile pic is the faceclaim for Lilian, but it will change regularly. I'm most active at 12:14 am idfk why. I have lengthy rp responses, srry '_'

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Not completed yet. This OC is supposed to resemble the real person behind this screen.

Full Name: Lilian Zavala Reese
Birth Date: March 26th (year depends)
Blood status: Half-blood
Mother: Alexria Lupresa Reese, Pure-blood Slytherin
Father: Anthony Terrance Reese, Muggle-born Hufflepuff
Siblings: Deceased brother, is now an only child

Patronus: Black Mamba
Animagus: African Wildcat
Birthed Powers: Parseltongue

Eyes: Seafoam green
Skin: Ivory
Hair: Dark blonde, almost a brown, flows in waves past her ass, usually pulled up in a high ponytail
Bone Structure: Ponytail hair style displays high cheekbones and a somewhat sharp jaw line
Muscles: Strong, defined, muscular legs, abdominal muscles are slightly defined
Height: 5'4
Weight: 112 pounds
Age: 15 years old (usually, it varies by roleplay)
*Her existence usually takes place during the Golden Trio's years. She is two years older than them USUALLY*

House: Slytherin
Began School at Hogwarts: 1989 (USUALLY, refer above)
Current Year: 5th Year Student
Favorite Subject: Charms
Favorite Professor: Lupin
Quidditch Position: Chaser
Muggle Sports Played: Soccer, Cross Country

Sense of humor: Sarcasms, teasing
Social comfort: Extroverted, a bit of a show-off
Even though she is considerably social, she is very reserved with her personal life. She overachieves, always does the extra credit, and is a huge self critic. If she gives anything but her best, you might not want to talk to her until she feels she's made up for her "mistake". If you get in the way of her trying to be her best, she will not hesitate to Sectumsempra your head off, Accio all of your internal organs, and Flipendo them to Romania where Norbert will be served lunch.

Pets: Cat (Nightingale), snake (Blade)

Favorite Food: Cauldron Cakes

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