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Hello! I'm Alethea!

<summary>I am supportive of LGBTQ+ and Black Lives Matter.
I'm from Minnesota!
My Quidditch team is the Kenmare Kestrals. I have lots of different OCs(See below)
Gender Identity: Girl
Pronouns: she/her/they/them
Birthday: September 25th 
Apperance: Short dirty-blond hair. Dark brown eyes. 5' 4 1/2''
Sexuality: Omnisexual 
Blood status:Why the fudge do you care?(muggle-born)
Wand: Cedar, Dragon Heartstring, 12 inches, slightly springy flexibility.
Dislikes:Excessive swearing, homophobic people, and creepy boys.
Likes: Charms, Astronomy, Herbology, Potions, Care for magical creatures, ASL, bowties, Star Trek, Art and Music. I LOVE playing the ukulele and electric guitar. It lets me escape this craziness.
<summary>My RP Rules!</summary>
1. Please try to limit swearing. 2. Please use good grammar. 3. Please try to limit one sentence replies. 4. If you are gonna change the context, please tell me. 5. Do not control my character. 6. No inappropriate themes(kissing is fine). 7. No murder(should go unsaid) 8. I do not do sever age gaps when it comes to romance. 9. Respect my Oc's pronouns. 10. No slurs.</details><details>
<summary>My OCs!</summary>
</details><details>Ash Jane Carry - Fire powers, wears gloves, nervous of hurting people, somewhat arrogant and violent, nice(FC: Abigail Cowen). Quote: "Fire burns. Why would I burn?"(Theme song: Fire-Pink).Charlie Hightopp - Daughter of the Mad Hatter, similar condition, even more crazy, secretly suffers from depression, pansexual. Quote: "Your temple is made of stones, anyways!"(Theme song: Crazy-Daniela Andrade).
short poems about hope
Chloe Snow - Daughter of Caitlin Snow, alter ego named Frostbite, very nice and thoughtful. Chloe Quote: "I'm not a narcissist. Who could love this?" Frost Quote: "You can't stop me from having her."(Theme song: Sweet but a sphyco-Ava Max).</details><details></details><details>Frankie Miracle - Non-binary, they/them pronouns, bullied a lot, very sweet. Quote: "Haters gonna hate, haters gonna fail."
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Grace Grindlewald - Daughter of Grindlewald and Dumbledore, mystery child, arrogant on the outside but sweet. Bisexual. Quote: "You don't know me like you think you do."(Book: https://www.hogwartsishere.com/library/book/22152/) (Theme song: Control-Halsey). Helina Gloshire - Hermione style girl, loves learning, stubborn, empathetic. Quote: "You say it's impossible, I say you're ignorant."(Theme song: Confident-Demi Lovato). Jaden(Jay/Aiden) - Technically two girls but same person I guess? Kinda like Chloe Snow and Frostbite. Inspired by Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Jay uses they/them pronouns and Aiden uses she/her pronouns. As Jaden, they use she/they pronouns. Both are chaotic. Jay is very intense and insensative, and Aiden is very gentle and empathetic. Quote: "Don't expect much unless you expect the best."(Theme song: Two Faced-Shannon Taylor).Lizzy Scamander - Granddaughter of Newt and daughter of Luna and Rolf, loves animals, very shy around people, has autisim(high-functioning), very sweet. Quote: "There not dangerous, not really."(Theme song: It's Time-Imagine Dragons)Monica Cross - Very friendly and book smart, loves autumn, trans. Quote: "Being me is what I'm meant to be."Penelope Sky - Hysterical blind, has Haphephobia(fear of being touched), doesn't talk much about home life, pansexual. Quote: "I've seen the trees before, but I haven't seen love."Raz Grimm-Pitch - Vampire, Lesbian, acts cold but is emotional. Quote: "Bloody hell...your just as screwed as I am." (Theme song: Gasoline-Halsey). Roselyn Jackson - Bubbly, sometimes changes herself to fit in, Bisexual, very sweet, has Coccinellidaephobia. Quote: "If I'm comfortable with myself, I'll just mess it up."(Theme song: Elastic Heart-Sia) Saron Smith - Vulcan mother, human father, very distant and doesn't like skirts. Bisexual. Quote: "My fathers wants me to enjoy myself. I find that highly illogical." (Theme song: Numb-Linkin Park)(IMPORTANT!: https://www.hogwartsishere.com/library/book/23519/).Stella Grindlewald - Adopted sister to Grace(see below), born from the stars, lots of rumors flying around about her(as well as her sister). Quote: "I belong up there."
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Thalia (Thea) Havenson - Has a dark secret, finds it very hard to trust people. Pansexual. Quote: "How am I supposed to tell someone who I am if I don't know myself?"(Theme song: Demons/Radioactive-Imagine Dragons). </details><details></details><details></details>
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