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NAME: Marina I. Soriano
AGE: older than usual for a first-year.
PRONOUNS: he/she/they, even though I've been called a she so much that I'm not sure I'm comfortable with it anymore. In my country I'd rather use he/him, because they/them pronouns in Spanish sound very weird, for me.
BIRTHDATE: December 27, 20XX
ZODIAC SIGN: Capricorn.
HARRY POTTER EXPERIENCE: I have been loving Harry Potter since 2015, having read all the books in Spanish and seen all the movies in English.
CLASSES I'M TAKING: all the Year 1 subjects and Year 2 electives, as well as second-year History of Magic.
HEIGHT: 5' 9'' (177 cm)
WEIGHT: 70.3 kg (155 lbs)
FAVORITE SUBJECT: History of Magic
WHAT I'M MOST PROUD OF: everyone says I have a very good English despite being foreign, and I am very proud about it. There's still a lot to improve of course, but that isn't something I fear: I'm a Ravenclaw!
GENDER: it's somewhere over the rainbow: it's definitely not 100% female or 100% male, so I just say I'm non-binary. Changing my label every single day would be too hard for my irl peers I guess.
SEXUAL ORIENTATION: some people say that a non binary can't be a lesbian because they're not a girl? I mostly say I'm into girls to avoid confrontations.
HOBBIES: I like reading, but music is what I'm best at. Everyone says so, and it is my passion. I'm almost certain it will become my job when I'm older (not much time left, though, I guess I already am older), even though many people think that almost nobody can live by performing classical music.
LIKES: any gender of books, movies or shows except terror and anime (what can I say? I'm a bit of a scaredy cat). What I watch or read doesn't have to be excessively profound, but I don't like endings that are too predictable. This doesn't mean I don't like happy endings. I also love Queen, Michael Jackson, The Beatles, Mäneskin, Glee, Boyce Avenue and KISS. I like Ed Sheeran and ABBA too, but only the classics, because I don't the new songs they wrote.

I don't do roleplay. I'm mostly here for grades and chilling when I'm stressed irl. I'm open to any kind of chat though, and I don't take much time to respond unless I'm completely inactive (which means I've left the site). 

I have entered the March 2023 House Points Competition and I am doing A LOT of assignments right now, it's wonderful. I was just looking for something to motivate me and it sure did!


I prioritize doing assignments of subjects that I am not waiting to get graded from. That's mostly Ancient Studies, Astronomy and History of Magic.


Astronomy 101: 79% (A). Currentl doing Lesson 9. I'm terrible at this subject.

Charms 101: 95% (O). Did up to Lesson 4, stopped because there's stuff that hasn't been corrected for ages.

DADA 101: 93% (O). Waiting for Lesson 7 grades.

Flying 101: 96% (O). Waiting for midterm grades.

Herbology 101: same as Charms. Nothing has been corrected yet.

History of Magic 101: 93% (O). Finished.

Potions 101: 100% (O). Same as Charms.

Transfigurations 101: same as Herbology.


Alchemy 201: waiting for Lesson 1 grades.

Ancient Runes 201: 100% (O). Waiting for Lesson 2 grades.

Care of Magical Creatures 201: 100% (O). Waiting for Lesson 2 grades.

Divination 201: 95% (O). Currently doing Lesson 3.

History of Magic 201: 87% (E). Currently doing Lesson 9.


Muggle Studies 301: waiting for Lesson 1 grades.


Ancient Studies 401: 97% (O). Currently doing Lesson 3.

Mythology 401: waiting for Lesson 1 grades.

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