Marina I. Soriano


Active as of December 2023.

  • Joined February 2021
  • Member of Ravenclaw
  • 904 House Points
  • 1st Year
  • Spain



NAME: Marina I. Soriano
AGE: if we take into account that I'm still a first-year, I guess I'm still twelve.
PRONOUNS: he/she/they
BIRTHDATE: December 27, 20XX
ZODIAC SIGN: Capricorn.
HARRY POTTER EXPERIENCE: I have been loving Harry Potter since 2015, having read all the books in Spanish and seen all the movies in English. I've also read fanfic All The Young Dudes by MsKingBean89 (and I loved it)
CLASSES I'M TAKING: ASTR-101, TRFG-101, CHRM-101, HERB-101, FLY-101, HOM-201, DADA-201. As well as every other elective (the ones that don't start in Year 1)
HEIGHT: 179 cm
WEIGHT: 72 kg
FAVORITE SUBJECT: History of Magic or DADA
HOBBIES: music and writing; I play cello and piano and I also sing
LIKES: Queen, Taylor Swift, Michael Jackson, The Beatles, Mäneskin and Beethoven. 

I don't do roleplay. I'm mostly here for grades and chilling when I'm stressed irl. I'm open to any kind of chat though, and I don't take much time to respond unless I'm completely inactive (which means I've left the site) or my big sister took my computer keyboard (she does that a lot).

I won the March 2023 House Points Competition, placed fifth in April 2023 one and third in February 2024. My aim is for my username to appear in the Great Hall's ranks.

Don't spam my wall. I'm almost never here for anything other than grades. Posts that advertising any group or book inside HiH will probably be deleted without response as soon as I see them.



Astronomy 101: 79% (A). Still have to retake Lesson 6 and take the final exam.

Charms 101: 96% (O). Final exam pending.

DADA 101: 94% (O). Finished.

Flying 101: 91% (O). Lesson 7 pending.

Herbology 101: 91% (O). Lesson 4 pending.

History of Magic 101: 93% (O). Finished.

Potions 101: 97% (O). Lesson 5 pending.

Transfigurations 101: 96% (O). Lesson 3 pending.


Alchemy 201: 95% (O). Lesson 3 pending.

Ancient Runes 201: 86% (O). Lesson 3 pending and lesson 2 to be retaken.

Care of Magical Creatures 201: 100% (O). Lesson 3 pending.

DADA 201: Lesson 1 pending.

Divination 201: 95% (O). Lesson 3 pending.

History of Magic 201: 88% (E). Finished. Currently doing extra credit assignments.


Muggle Studies 301: 90% (O). Lesson 2 pending.


Ancient Studies 401: 97% (O). Lesson 3 pending.

Mythology 401: 90%, (O). Lesson 2 pending.


Arithmancy 601: Lesson 1 pending.

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