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hey! welcome to my backstory! thanks for checking it out! follow me if you want (i'll follow back), but you don't have to. check out my sister's profiles as well because they are pretty cool (isadora and cassandra). also if you care about me and my sisters and our sister stuff we have a group that isn't super active right now but sometimes gets posted in called the life of the scamander sisters. and if you have time check out me and isadora's book called the stories of survivors: cho chang. feel free to owl me if you want to chat or something, or you can just post on my wall. anything is fine. have a great day! -irene

my name is irene raven scamander but you can call me irene or any other nicknames you can think of. i have two sisters (we are triplets) and i used to have a brother but he was killed by a deatheater when i was little. my parents are luna lovegood and rolf scamander. i was born on august 19, the second oldest out of us triplets (or quadruplets if you count cedric). i love to read, bake, and just hang out with my sisters. i'm not super sporty but I'm not lazy either if you know what i mean. i also really love to listen to music and there is usually some song coming from my room lol.

my favorite things are cats, the song crown by txt, sushi, muggle math (weird, i know), having lots of hih notifications, hanging out with friends/sisters, twilight (would recommend), 7, the letter Z, doggos, nice people, the first bite of chocolate, washi tape.

as seen in my profile picture changes (if you pay attention to that kind of stuff), i dye my hair. a lot. currently my hair is hot pink but naturally my hair is brown like my dad. i have pale-ish skin and gray blue eyes. my hair is fairly long right now while i'm growing it out but who knows how long that will last. it also has a bit of a wave or curl going on that i got from my mom.

as mentioned before, i love music so now i get to tell you all of my personal favorites and preferences (yay). my favorite artists/bands are olivia rodrigo (duh), bts, taylor swift, itzy, iu, and txt (as mentioned before). my favorite songs/song recommendations are 1 step forward and 3 steps back (olivia rodrigo), i'm fine (bts), paper rings (taylor swift), sorry not sorry (itzy), bbibbi (iu), and i know i love you (txt). oh and of course, as i mentioned before, crown is a great song too.

i also really like to read so i'll give you a list of my favorite books so you can go read them! twilight (stephenie meyer), in 27 days (alison gervais), anything by lynda mullaly hunt, and the running dream (wendelin van draanen). i would definitely recommend any if those books. bye now! -irene
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