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I, am Diana.

As a mischievous little girl, I was already predicted to attend Hogwarts. That, was the clear explanation why I wasn't excited looking at the Hogwarts letter. Alone in the train compartment, I wondered what I could show to other students to amaze them until I become friends with them. One word. Writing.

I would often get a 100 in my essays (yes, I am showing off). I get surprised mostly, so surprised that I'd send an owl to my mom every single time I get a 100. I get outstanding grades, I just don't understand why I get Exceed Expectations in DADA even when I finished it halfway. I'm mostly great in subjects like DADA, HOM & TNFG.

I did get friends. Never expect me to not get anybody. I'm good at making friends!

Information for anybody to collect

Zodiac sign: Aries

Wand: Black walnut wood with a phoenix feather core, 12 1/4" and unyielding flexibility. (That's what pottermore says)

Patronus: Otter

Mirror of Erised: Don't know, but it could be me and my friends.

Boggart: Spiders. Might be ghosts at certain times. You could never know.

Favourite Spell: Expecto Patronum!!!!!!!

Future plans

Becoming a worker at the Department of Mysteries in the Ministry of Magic.

Attending Ancient Runes class? Possibility of 78%. Calculated by MIND.

Goodbye to all. More updates to come. Expected if you would like to know :)

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