Levi Adrian Potter

Professional Healer

Hello everyone I'm Harry's, Aniyah's and Luka's older brother so don't mess with them. Also don't mess with my Cousins if you do FIGHT ME!

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Discord: MalaiseBlaze#9868

Email: [Will Add Later!]



"What brings you to the lost and found, dear?  Won't you pull up a seat? Everybody got a price 'round here to play Make me an offer, what will it be? Oh-oh, what will it be?."


Theme Song: C'est la vie-weathers

Favorite Music

Happy Face-Jagwar Twin

Painting Greys Emmit Fenn

Play with Fire-Sam Tinnesz

PlayGround-Bea Miller, Arcane, League of Legends




Levi Adrian Potter

Age: 17 

Status: Half-Blood

Dating: George Weasley 




Lily Potter, James Potter



Harry James Potter

Aniyah Lily Potter Their Links: Aniyah Potter/Rp Account! (Gryffindor) | Hogwarts is Here]

Luka Matteo Potter [Their Links: Luka Matteo Snape (Hufflepuff) | Hogwarts is Here  ]



Madison Lily Black [Their Link: Madison Lily Black (Hufflepuff) | Hogwarts is Here

Tommy-Lee Elliot Black [Their Link: Tommy-Lee Elliot Black (Gryffindor) | Hogwarts is Here


Animagus Form: Fox

Description: purple ears and tail but I have pink on my paws with a white body and I have Green eyes


Is double wielding in wands to help manage his magic while keeping it in control,

his patronus: Dapple Gray Mare

Amortentia: Pineapples, Lemons, Smoke/Fire, Roses, and Coffee

Wand 1: Maple wood with a Dragon HeartString core 13" and quite bendy flexibility

wand 2: 9 inches/23cm has a gilded handle; a strand of Yucca Wood used in this wand is very rare.

Background Info:

I was in the living room playing with dad as he was teaching spells [even though I should’ve been in bed already!] when mother came downstairs. She complained to father which I giggled at as I got picked up and taken upstairs with father following. But all I remember was screaming and yelling and a lot of loud sounds, as I watched mother running upstairs with me into Harry’s room and she had or was trying to place me in Harry’s and Aniyah’s crib but she hid me into one of their smaller cabinets that held their blankets in as I tried making grabby hands towards her while crying. It wasn’t until later that one of Mom’s friends Severus came over and he ended up trying to help mom and dad but he saw me first and ended up taking me with him as [he knew he’d wouldn’t be able to take care of three kids.] I do know who my brother and sister are daily as I sometimes whenever I’m older sneak off to visit them in the Muggle world. But I’m in my second year whenever my Step-Father told me Harry and Aniyah were coming to Hogwarts and I couldn’t stop bugging him all summer long as I got excited to spend more time with them.

[And so that is where my journey begins!]


My Aesthetic 



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