Golden Pheonix

Head of Magical Games and Sports

Hi! I'm Stormi from Hufflepuff (we could be dangerous...)

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People call me Golden Phoenix because of my amazing healing skills, but I wasn't really interested in healing. I was more interested in Magical Games and Sports. I graduated from Hogwarts (I was a very ambitious Hufflepuff) and decided to work in the department of Magical Games and Sports. I soon turned 19 when I became head of that department. I have 3 siblings (2 sorted into Hufflepuff, 1 into Gryffindor). 


Name: Stormi Ellis (Golden Phoenix)

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Straight

Age: 20

Favourite colour: Beige-yellow

Hobbies: Quidditch and Healing

Hogwarts house (foregoing): Hufflepuff, almost Slytherin

Favourite Hogwarts subject: HoM

Least Favourite Hogwarts subject: Potions

Patronus: Abraxan Winged Horse

Status: Halfblood, could be pureblood (My mother hid our father's identity- ashamed?)

Friends: Leo Valdez, Nightshade42 (irl)



Wavy brown hair, light brown eyes. Tanned skin with freckles and rosy cheeks (they get so red it's embarassing). I have a hufflepuff tattoo on my upper arm. Love to wear crop tops and comfortable shorts. I never take of my necklace (means something important to me-). NO MAKEUP WHATSOEVER!


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