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So you found me. I do deal with W³ prods. The stars looks good tonight. Cherish these magical days🎇 Need a friend? i do too! I would luv to talk.

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Zachariah Dawn and Amelia Fawley's favorite child.  

Making Godric's Gryffindor proud. BY STUDYING HARD OFC.   

Not related to ravenclaw chaser Andrew Dawn. I don't know him. AT ALL. 

Will bring my mother's autographs after Christmas break. No more books though :( 


Double trouble- don't we love the stars. Contact if you want🌌



Anya Amelia Charlotte Dawn is a Gryffindor, half blood witch born to Amelia Fawley and Zachariah Dawn.

She's a friendly soul and a good student loved by teachers by day and Weasley's wizard wheezes' Hogwarts dealer by night.

She adores the sky. She do love a good book. She is lovely, friendly and smart with a hint of mischief. She is a curious soul and goes on her own little explorations. Got that spark of adventure for sure. 

Works as a keeper of the legacy of the marauders part time.

She enjoys quidditch, although she can be conflicted about her side during Gryffindor vs Ravenclaw games.

Her brother Andrew Zachariah Nicolas Dawn is a Ravenclaw chaser loved by all of Hogwarts. Anya and Andrew spends time together everyday. They are best friends with a reputation to be dramatic and chaotic especially when together.  

¶ Amelia Dawn née Fawley is a rising author in the wizarding world. She was a pureblood witch of the sacred 28 household, Fawley. She was a Slytherin. She married her Hogwarts sweetheart Zachariah Dawn which was disapproved by her blood purist relatives. Time healed some of those wounds but there are still some wounds left unchecked. 

Amelia's books are a hit among young magicals too, Anya gets a lot of requests to get her mother's autograph. Amelia is more than happy to give them out. 

¶ Zachariah Dawn is a half blood wizard who works as a healer in St. Mungo's. He was a ravenclaw during his Hogwarts days. He was a keeper in the quidditch during his days. His father, Charles Dawn, is a wizard who fell in love with a muggle, Allison Husher. 

Amelia and him were attacked during the dark days of death eater's reign by Amelia's own relatives. 

You might have heard his voice as Raven in Potterwatch days. 

💫 Magical information :

✨ Wand : Alder wand with Phoenix core, 12 and half" slightly springy flexibility. 

✨ Patronus : Abraxan Winged Horse.

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