Kimothy Jones

Magical Creature Liaison

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While focusing on preserving the fields, forests, caves, bogs, and other ecosystems that Magical Creatures need to survive I also focus on the teaching of wizards of how magical creatures should be treated, how they are useful, and anything I can that will help these wondrous creatures survive in our ever degrading world. Beyond my professional career, I spend time working with the muggles' creatures as well. As a muggle-born and the youngest of three, who all surprised my parents with magic, I have definetely been shaped by how I was raised. I saw the ecosystem's of our world dying each school year and when I went home to Sligo, I saw the muggle world deteriorate before my eyes. My family and I would travel to various countries each summer- not on holiday, but to help the environment. I spent a summer in Africa, fighting to help Madagascar; a summer in Borneo, Indonesia to save the Bornean orangutan. I spent more than 11 summers fighting to help preserve ecosystems in muggle lands for muggle's creatures- and now I spend my life fighting for magical creatures. One day I hope to write a book, in the stream of Newt Scamander's textbook "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them" that details not only Magical Creatures, but the animals of the muggle world as well.

While in school, I found myself very endeared to Hagrid. While, I never went down for tea, I understood what he meant whenever he spoke in Care of Magical Creatures. I hope he knew just how much his passion helped me- I never said anything. I did however work very closely with my Head of House, Filius Flitwick, who always assisted me with my charms work. He did say that he was disappointed I wasn't going to pursue a career more heavily steeped in Charm Work. While, I perused many other subjects in school: Arthimancy, Muggle Studies, Potions, Astronomy, Transfiguration, DADA, and almost every class I could, none of them hold much relevance to me anymore.

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