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My name is Amelia Stardust and I learnt about the wizarding world two years ago. My parents, Gwenyth and Angelo Stardust, are both witches/wizards. My father is a member of the ministry of magic and my mother works in a pet shop on Diagon Ally. They were also both members of Gryffindor at the Hogwarts academy of witch craft and wizardry of which I now attend.

My parents didn't tell me about the wizarding world until two years ago because they feared my safety. They were targeted because they were associated with the Weasley family who were associated with the great and wonderful Harry Potter. If it had been their decision I would never have been introduced to the wizarding world, however I recieved an invitation to attend the Hogwarts academy of witchcraft and wizardry. I was invited because both my parents had been the most skilful witches and wizards in their classes; the headmaster of Hogwarts knew both my parents personally and decided that if I were to attrnd his academy I could achieve great things as they had.

Once I recieved my letter of invitation my parents had to explain why I hadn't been told all of this before and what the wizarding world was all about. I was fascinated by the details and magic and found it hard to believe that this complete other world existed and I knew nothing about it. I knew that I would love to be a part of the world of magic and that I would attend the Hogwarts academy of witchcraft and wizardry as many others had before me.

That is my story, so far...

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