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Caly was adopted by the Weasleys after her mother left her at the burrow door. She is mongrel blood, her father a muggle and her mother a witch. In the school they call the non-redhead weasley, since she is a weasley and has light brown hair, for this reason she paints the hair in a reddish / reddish gradient. She is very attached to the twins (fred and george) and her crush is Neville Longbottom. She is very good in potions, enchantments and defense against the dark arts. His favorite spells are: Expelliarmus, Accio, Crucio and Petrificus totalus. A heart Ravenclaw. Loves to read and his passion is to draw. Her wand is made of English pine wood, 14 1/4 inches long, unicorn hair core and slightly flexible. Her patronus is a polecat.

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