Rosalind Addams


Rosalind Bishop. Dream, Try, Do Good.

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Hermione Granger was the greatest Muggle Wizard in the history of Hogwarts School. Well, here comes Rosalind Bishop. My family lost me during a catastrophe and was found by an old lady who ran an orphanage. I was adopted by a Muggle Family and they told me that I should go to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry by my Muggle parents. It's not a question anymore that I am able to make objects fly and talk to snakes even. As a child, I moved from school to school, but Hogwarts is different. The people and the surrounding just made me feel like I’m home. In the Great Hall, when we were being sorted into our houses, I saw a glimpse of myself and realized that it wasn’t me, it just happens to turn out that she's my twin sister. Calla Addams. The person who told me that I’m not actually a Muggle, I am Half-Blood. She was sorted into Slytherin while I in Gryffindor. I became the 'Sirius Black' of the family, as my parents were sorted to Slytherin as well.

Patronus: Nebelung Cat
House: Gryffindor
Ivelmorny: Thunderbird
Wand: Vine wood with a Phoenix feather core 11" and Slightly Yielding Flexibility

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