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Hey there, I am Aurora/Derek Pennywinkle, depending on the situation. Love to RP and willing to help with class assignments. See ya soon!

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Hello! I have been on a very long hiatus. I apologize to those who have stopped by for advice, RPs, or help and I haven't been here. A lot has happened in nearly three years, but I'm glad to be back! I can't wait to start making connections again. Let's chat and it's very nice to meet you!

One of my characters is female, the other is male. Aurora Pennywinkle and Derek Pennywinkle. There is no relation. However, they do share some of the same characteristics. .

I was accepted into Hogwarts at age 11. My name is Aurora. I am a pureblood and want to be an auror like my father, with the ability to be a curse-breaker for Gringotts. I've had a foot in both the wizarding and muggle worlds since I was little, though, so blood status doesn't matter much to me. My father is an auror and work for the Ministry of Magic and my mother is a herbologist and potioneer. This is my first year (8/25/17) at Hogwarts.
I am really interested in Charms, Defense Against the Dark Arts, and Care of Magical Creatures.

5'7", average build, long brown hair, green eyes
most common outfit is black boots, light blue jeans, and a halter top to explore metamorphamagi abilities
Wand: Elm wood, unicorn hair core, 13/5 inches, hard flexibility
Pets: Owl (Sasha) and Pygmy Puffs (Lot and Dulo)

Derek: I am a pureblood, both of my parents were in Gryffindor. I was sorted into Gryffindor as well and excelled from my first year. I am a seventh-year, a Seeker on the Quidditch team, and a prefect. I have Special Independent studies with magical creatures and herbology, with a side interest on Charms.
Parents died when I was young, I have an older sister Lydia, and Uncle Rowan in Romania who raised me.I would like to follow in my uncles footsteps and be a dragonologist.

(6th or 7th year in school, can be other ages depending on RP)
6'2", athletic/toned build, long auburn hair that ties into a ponytail (braided most of the time), green eyes.
most common outfit is blue jeans, black boots, white shirt, black leather jacket

Patronus: mountain hare
Wand: 13.5 inches, Elm, Unicorn hair core, hard flexibility
Pets: owl named Sasha, Augurey named Tarla, hippogriff named Magno, kneazle named Reelo, Pygmy Puff named Lot, Antipodean Opaleye dragon named Jewel
Special abilities: metamorphmagi, dragon tamer
Special Features: tattoos hidden via metmorph powers, hair changes color with emotions, lip ring


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