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My name is Julie Echo. I am a muggle-born, and never imagined that I'd ever make it to a wizarding school! I have always been a little different; I imagine and excel writing. I like to go to the forest and the beautiful shining sea, where I can breathe. The forest is amazing, dark and mysterious, where anything can be lurking around the swift turns of the trees. The sea shines, and is so elegant, it's like I was meant to be in the sea. Sometimes I take my twin to the sea, but she can never see what I see; she always stayed quiet, but I don't think she understood the sea the way I did. The sea is the future, swifting every which way, but always having a rhythm to it, and always saying something.
The first time I figured out that I was magical, I was flying over the sea. I felt free, like never before, the wind rushing past me, as birds flew close.
In Hogwarts, I am a chaser on the Quidditch team, and am also the captain. I am top of all my classes (getting all Os), and my favorite class is either Arithmancy, Ancient Runes, or Charms.
My hair is the color of butterscotch, and my eyes the color of green grass from Ireland, ever so bright. I am super smart, and hope that I can make a difference in the world, because I want to see the world as a peaceful place.
My wand: Vine wood with a Unicorn hair core 12 ¼" and Hard flexibility
My grades in Muggle school (before I came to Hogwarts): A pluses
I love fine arts (I play violin, I love acting, art, and writing), science, and math. When I Graduate from Hogwarts, I want to either be a magical zoo-ologist or the Minister of Magic, because I want to make a difference in this world, and I don't have to start then, I am starting right now.

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