Ariadna Malfoy


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Im a pure blood, actually im related to le Malfoy family. My aunt is Narcissa Malfoy. So yeah, im dracos cousin. Everybody thinks that its easy to be in that family, they usually say to me " you don't have to worry, you just ask for it and you got it", but its really hard, surviving in the Malfoys family is very hard, Im the youngest of the family, I have all the pressure in this world because my draco was very good academically, and that its not my thing. To be accepted in my family is like, you are the next death eater of the family and i have to bee like the first in class. People always relate me that like im a malfoy, im the same as draco, thats not totally true, i can be good, only when i want to.

general information about me:
blood: pure-blood
hair: long, dark golden
eyes: green
height: 5,8
general info: i hate muggles. not very friendly of griffindors, romantic, im a troublemaker.
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