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Gemini. Into Journaling, Sewing, Alchemy, Herbalism, Divination, Tea, Studying, and Quidditch. Profile pics are always of me.

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I was sorted into Slytherin because I am the collective headcanon of character-developed Draco Malfoy. Wand: Dogwood with a Phoenix feather core 12 ½" and Supple flexibility Patronus: Squirrel My greatest strength is probably my adaptability. My greatest weakness? Perfectionism. After I finish school I am looking to travel, make up for lost time, heal, and own an apothecary where I'll practice herbal alchemy. What I feel is the most fascinating part of magic... Besides the incredible vastness of it, I'd probably have to say its ingenuity. I think magic has a mind of its own but we all have a personal kind of magic within us that excels in some areas and needs practice in others. It's natural in some areas and needs guidance in others. It has its own color and smell and taste and feel. I have a familiar and we are very in tune with each other. He is my one true companion stuck in a cats body. He goes by the name Lord Kraccatius. I am passionate about medical astrology, spagyrics, jellyfish, and penpaling. Personality traits: Honest, Blunt, Optimistic, Independent, Ambitious, Adventurous. Comes off as very confident and comfortable in any environment/company. Doesn't usually bother with small talk or introductions. Not formal at all, doesn't like to follow the rules and doesn't really care about "universal morals" and etiquette that's too uptight. Relies on adaptability to know how to act respectfully in situations that call for it. I dont think title, status, blood status/"purity", age, gender, etc. mean anything. Can be very competitive and I place animals and close friends above all else. I have many artistic muggle passions such as sewing, journaling, painting, and crafting without magic (and sometimes with!). Talk to me if we have common interests!

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