Jessie Luna Granger

Student, Werewolf after 2nd yr

I am a Muggleborn girl who was sorted into Ravenclaw. I am NOT related to Hermione Granger. I love reading, writing, studying, and equestrian.

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Full Name: Jesse Luna Granger
Age: 11
Mother: Felicity Granger
Father: William Granger
Blood Status: Muggleborn
Hi everyone! I joined HIH recently. I am a muggleborn and I am NOT related to Hermione Granger. I just happen to have the same last name as her. Anyway, I have straight brown hair, green eyes and thin round glasses. It was very surprising when I got my letter. Professor Dumbledore visited our house and it took nearly a whole day to try to convince my parents that magic was real. My parents hated the idea of magic. They thought I was a freak. From then on, they completely ignored me and didn't give me much food, but I'm used to it now. Since my parents didn't want to take me to buy my Hogwarts things, Hagrid did. The shopping was very interesting and I loved the Wizarding World. When I came home with an owl I named Lily, my parents were furious that a bird had to live in our house. So I was locked in my room with my Hogwarts stuff for the rest of the summer. I was very happy to go to Hogwarts. Hagrid took me to the station and left when I boarded the train. Hogwarts is amazing!!! I'm very proud to be a Ravenclaw!!! I spend most of my free time reading n the library. I don't sleep or eat much, so it was an advantage to stay in the library. Well, that's me!!!

Siblings: Older Brother, James Granger, age 15
Older Brother, Orion Granger, age 18
Patronus: Thestral
Boggart: Creepy clowns
Fears: Claustrophobia, Entomophobia, Merinthophobia, and fear of clowns but don't know the name of it.

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