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Hello!! Thanks for the follow!! ♡

<summary>Hogwarts Stuff</summary>

House⟶ Gryffindor

Blood Status⟶ Half-blood

Boggart⟶ Giant spider

Patronus⟶ Tuxedo cat

Amortentia⟶ Rainier black cherries, freshly baked cookies, and cotton candy

Wand⟶ Hazelwood with a Unicorn hair core 11 ¼" and slightly springy flexibility


<summary>Personal Stuff</summary>

Name⟶ Addison Grace Snow

Birthday⟶ March 20

Age⟶ 13 (Depends on the rp)

Gender⟶ Female

Nationality⟶ American

Hair Color⟶ Dark brown with lavender streaks

Eye Color⟶ Dark brown/black

Usual Appearance⟶ Yellow shirt, light blue ripped jeans, black and white high top converse shoes, oversized white hoodie

Worst Fears⟶ Being forgotten or replaced, spiders

Relationship Status⟶ Single

Sexuality⟶ Straight

Love Interest⟶ (Why would I tell you?)



Favorite Animal⟶ Platypus

Favorite Food⟶ Sushi

Favorite Color⟶ Yellow (I'm going through a yellow thing right now.)

Favorite Movie⟶ The Aeronauts

Favorite Book Series⟶ Harry Potter

Favorite Band/Group⟶ twenty-one pilots



⟶Adeline Bennett

⟶Celestia .C. Granger


⟶Ellie Eleven Riddle

⟶Emma Snow

⟶♡ Just 4 Friends ♡

⟶Lilith Goldi

⟶Lily Lupin (my other account)

⟶~luna solace~

⟶Lynn Granger

⟶Nova Wren



⟶reading & writing
⟶Starbucks Vanilla Bean Frappuccinos (You will get a hug if you get me one.)
⟶warm blankets



⟶loud sounds


<summary>Roleplay Rules</summary>

⟶No Godmodding or Mary Sue.

⟶Please no cursing or being rude.

⟶3rd person is preferred.

⟶No one-liners. (I'm not asking for 3 paragraph essays, but more than 15 words please.)

⟶No Asterisks. ( * )

Please mind the rules otherwise I might not reply.

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